EDI-USA is a US-based manufacturer of defense and security equipment used by police forces, military agencies, and private security entities around the world.

EDI-USA was initially founded to support men and women working in police,
military, and private security in the United States. As our product portfolio grew and
we continued to supply more and more police forces in the USA, EDI begin to
expand to other regions in the world and currently serve over 45 countries.

Initially supplying private security companies with bullet proof vests and other tactical equipment, EDI-USA’s name quickly became well-known among police departments, municipalities and other security agencies worldwide. Currently EDI-USA exports between 500-800 units of body armor (bullet proof vests and helmets) to customers each month, in addition to other tactical equipment such as riot gear, boots and accessories.

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At EDI-USA our mission is to protect the lives of law enforcement, military and security professionals by manufacturing and providing the highest quality North American and internationally manufactured protective tactical equipment. We assure excellence, efficiency and confidentiality in the ordering and shipping processes so that we can get you exactly what you need, when you need it.



Our persistent efforts at EDI-USA to advance global security is demonstrated through our impeccable record for providing new and innovative tactical gear while continually expanding our product reach. For our partners, clients, and friends around the world, we work constantly to continue to develop new and innovate security solutions that do not fall short of pure excellence.

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For over 10 years we’ve worked closely with government agencies and security organizations to ensure optimal defense and military operations. Since our humble beginning we’ve assured that organizations in every part of the world have had full access to our wide array of tactical equipment. Since day one our expert team has been learning country-specific shipping and exportation processes and we have always provided a simple, smooth and communicative ordering process.

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From customized orders, to re-occurring bulk military and police supply programs, EDI-USA’s defense and security technologies have proven to be some of the highest quality, most secure, effective, and successful in the world.

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EDI-USA manufactures strategic protective equipment used in:

  • Anti-riot and crowd-control operations
  • Tactical military campaigns
  • Domestic police / law enforcement patrolling
  • Penitentiary / correctional facility technologies
  • Marine and navy sea operations

Why do military, police and security officials prefer to buy EDI-USA’s products?

EDI’s production time, shipping time, and delivery time are all extremely fast. We are available 24/7 for our customers that need security equipment as soon as possible. Our prices are very affordable for all users around the world, and our products are always manufactured to the highest US quality standards.

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