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EDI-USA protesting

Protest and Riots to Increase Worldwide: How to Prepare

Protest and Riots to Increase Worldwide ☹ How to Prepare We are living in very exciting times right now, rapid technological innovation and artificial intelligence development in every field imaginable that will help us humans perform fewer menial tasks. But... Read More
EDI-USA Gask Mask

How Googles & Gas Masks Can Save Your Team

How Googles & Gas Masks Can Save Your Team There are certain items that a department may decide to do without. Tactical googles and gas masks are great examples of these precautionary tools that are often deemed not entirely necessary.... Read More

Tactical Entry Tools – What to Use

Tactical Entry Tools – What to Use Every year more and more tactical entry tools are invented and advertised but what is necessary for the average officer who is only looking for smart, reliable, and effective? Here is our list... Read More
EDI-USA protesting

Riot Shield OR Ballistic Shield – What’s the Difference?

Riot Shield OR Ballistic Shield? What’s the Difference? So you are in the market for a shield of some type for you and your team but you don’t know what to choose… Look no further, this is the post for... Read More

Bullet Proof Helmets - A Mandatory Tool for Today

Ballistics Helmets - A Mandatory Tool for Today Modern society is advancing in all areas faster, and with more technology than ever before. As great as the progress has been for tools, consumer items, and transportation, it must be noted... Read More
EDI-USA - Riot Shield

Why Your Team Needs Ballistic Shields

Why Your Team Needs Ballistic Shields Shields have been around since earths earliest civilizations and are still widely used today. If your team doesn’t have proper ballistic or riot shields yet, now is a great time to consider getting one.... Read More
EDI-USA Bullet Proof Vest

What is the Best Bullet Proof Vest for Your Job Type?

What is the Best Bullet Proof Vest for Your Job Type? Bullet proof vests are always one of our most requested and talked about products. With so much interest, we thought we would dedicate a blog post to give our... Read More
EDI-USA Expo Seguridad Mexico

Viva Mexico! Expo Seguridad Mexico City

Viva Mexico! Our Trip to Expo Seguridad in Mexico City What a great time it was to go to the Expo Seguridad Mexico! As one of the hundreds of exhibitors present at the event I must say we were honored... Read More
Traje Antimotin PROTEC-X


The PROTEC-X anti-riot suit was developed by EDI in 2016 to help police officers combat some of the most dangerous threats of unrest in the United States. As of 2017, EDI began exporting this anti-riot claim to Latin America in... Read More
EDI-USA - Military Boots

Finding the Right Boot For You!

Working On Your Feet Day In & Day Out Is A Constant Challenge! Picking the right boot for you and your team is IMPORTANT!!! The wrong footwear can destroy a mission and potential hurt you and your team. The Human... Read More
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