Infrastructure Security


A central component of EDI-USA’s work consists of advancing security infrastructure. Through EDI’s unique method, EDI develops and reinforces specific critical-needed security sectors through the following two strategies:

  1. Establishment of local manufacturing facilities to advance defense production. EDI works closely with foreign government agencies to facilitate, construct, and establish in-country manufacturing facilities to produce security & defense products locally within the foreign country. Additionally, EDI trains the technical staff of established facilities as well as maintains the critical supply chains to the facilities in order to keep them operational and
  2. Optimization of critical security operations. Every country strives to possess the best security infrastructure. Whether through domestic safety, border control, marine campaigns or prison operations , EDI helps countries advance their security infrastructure to be the best. EDI implements uses is global experience to bring solutions to new countries seeking to advance a specific security sector. Moreover, EDI implements transfer-of-technology analysis to determine the best product to help solve a specific security challenge.

Over the years, EDI has worked extensively to assist nations in achieving their maximum potential in terms of security infrastructure. For more information on EDI’s security infrastructure ventures, or to express interest in a specific project, please contact us.

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