Prison & Correctional

The corrections industry often ranks in the top ten of the most dangerous jobs labor market. Working in such grueling conditions it is crucial to have equipment that you can trust to its core. Without trustworthy equipment mistakes can be made and lives can be lost. EDI-USA prides itself in manufacturing the highest quality prison gear available for purchase. On a daily basis, EDI’s prison technologies are used by prison guards around the globe to efficiently and securely manage prison operations. We supply you with the right tools to get the job done and return home to your family safely

EDI manufactures prison optimization technologies including:

  • Anti-Riot Suits and Helmets
  • Anti-Spit Hoods
  • Ballistic Vests & Helmets
  • Female Vests
    • Anti Stabbing Vests
    • Adjustable Bullet Proof Vest
    • Flack Jacket with neck protection
    • Anti-Riot Police Helmets – 4+ styles, adjustable settings.
    • Swat Helmets
    • Police and Military Helmets
    • Tactical Helmets
    • Prison Helmet
  • Cell Extraction Shields – Anti-fire – Anti-knife
  • Counterfeit – Resistant Identification Badges
  • Cell Phone Detection Equipment
  • Guard Boots
  • Tactical Boots
  • Handcuffs & Hand Restraints
  • Leg Irons
  • Night Vision / Blackout Goggles
  • Stab / Slash-Resistant Vests
  • Electric Stun Guns
  • Uniforms & Duty Accessories – Completely customizable in many colors
As EDI-USA is a manufacturer of the equipment, all items can be customized to your specific needs, let us know what modifications your team will require.
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