EDI-USA loves international customers!

Our track record has proven that we are committed to exporting our protective gear world-wide. Over the years, EDI has launched valuable partnerships in Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. We are always happy to work with our partners around the world, and we provide fast and secure shipping for all of our items.

Do you need a quotation or samples sent to you internationally?

Please contact us for more information and we will provide a quotation to you within 24 hours. We offer express shipping, airfreight, and sea freight. EDI’s primary facility is located in Pennsylvania, USA and we also maintain three international warehouses for quick shipping to most countries in the world.

International training:  EDI provides on-site training and demos to help end users understand how to use, and care for their equipment correctly. Our team of experienced trainers speak English, Spanish, French and Arabic, and are fully skilled in riot control and tactical training skills. Our trainers love to travel to your country to make sure end users get the best use of our products, so please contact us to request a training program.

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