Bubble Riot Helmet

Equipped with a bubble-style visor to allow ample space between the user’s face and the visor, this helmet is a favorite to be used with gas masks.

The bubble riot helmet Includes ear holes, neck protection, and multiple visor positions. It is slightly larger than our mini-bubble riot helmet.

Need help deciding which model is best for your team? Please contact us at: 215-235-4300 or via web and one of of our riot specialists is happy to help you.

Need anti-laser strips for your riot helmets? We’ve got you covered! Please contact us and we are happy to help!

Sizes: 1-size fits all
  • All helmets include a quick-release button for fast removal of the helmet.
  • Tinted & or black visors available in order to disguise the identity of the user and to improve vision during sun.
  • Helmets are manufactured with hard foam, soft cushion foam, and can be customized with additional EVA for maximum impact protection.
  • Custom colored helmets & helmet inscriptions available.


Available in glossy (showing) or matte black. Tested to NIJ 0104.02 standards