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Tactical Ballistic Shields

Browse our collection of tactical ballistic shields that offer vital protection to the user during times of civil unrest and combat situations. These tactical shields are designed to meet level III-A, III, and IV specifications. Contact us today for any questions you may have about our tactical ballistic shields.

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Ballistic shields are an important part of law enforcement operations – from patrolling, to SWAT operations, to school security, all department should have a proportional number of ballistic shields in their stock to stay protected.

EDI’s rugged ballistic shields provide III-A, III, or IV ballistic protection. Ballistic shields are available in our standard dimension (half body size) or jumbo dimension (full body size). We also offer customized ballistic shield dimensions to fit your specific needs.

Our ballistic shields can include an optional ballistic window for no additional cost, as well as customized inscriptions and writing on front.

Available with or without lights, and compatible with FoxFury® tactical shield flashlights.

Yes! Ballistic shields are also available for individuals to purchase for home protection, please contact us for more details.

Please contact us with any questions or for any price quotes. Many departments like to keep a ballistic shield in their patrol cars, and we can help you decide which dimension of shield would be best to fit in your patrol car.

Item usually has a 1 – 2 week lead time.

Need this to be TAA-Compliant? Please contact us and one of our TAA-compliance specialists can help send you a quote.

Sizes: 35.5” x 19.6” (90cm x 50cm) 47.2” x 19.6” (120cm x 50cm) Custom sizes available
Custom Sizes And Personalized Front Inscriptions Available.
SWAT Ballistic Shield

SWAT Ballistic Shield

A favorite for SWAT teams and other close combat personnel, this multi-purpose ballistic shield is tested to level III-A (ambient) and can be used for a variety of defensive and offensive applications.

Resisting up to .44mag, as well as 9mm and .357 sig, this ballistic shield (III-A) is lightweight to carry, and includes a durable horizonal handle bar, and arm / body strap.

Operators find this shield very useful because they can rest a firearm on two of the upper firearm rests, while holding the shield with one hand over their face / body.


Customized inscriptions available for front side.

This ballistic shield is compatible with FoxFury’s shield light (attachable). Please contact us for more information!

Foldable “Expandable” Tactical Ballistic Shield

Foldable “Expandable” Tactical Ballistic Shield

Foldable and lightweight, this ballistic shield is designed to be adjusted specifically during the user’s needs during high-tactical situations.

With it’s flexible and movable “wings” users can easily adjust this shield to adapt to their specific tactical mission – whether they need to shelter under a certain part of the shield, and rest their firearm on the gun ports, or fold-in the shield to fit into small areas – this shield is one of the most versatile and protective ballistic shields available on the market today.

The foldable “expandable” (butterfly) ballistic shield is available in ballistic three ballistic levels up to Level III-A, level III, or level III+. Custom inscriptions can be printed on front, and there is an optional lighting system available with two lights mounted on each side of the shield that can be controlled from a control button on the user facing side. The handle system includes one durable user handle, and one strong arm rope.

The best thing about this shield? When you are finished using it, it can be folded and stored in a compact way, whether in your storage room, vehicle, or anywhere in between.