Ballistic Blanket

EDI-USA’s ballistic blanket is designed to help prevent a variety of ballistic threats during tactical situations.

Tested to level III-A (ambient), the ballistic blanket can be deployed quickly and mounted on windows, doors, walls, or can be used as an emergency ballistic shield for individuals to take cover under during an attack. The ballistic blanket’s internal ballistic material has also been tested for STANAG 2920 (V50) to help prevent additional injury during fragmentation threats.

The ballistic blanket features a heavy duty Codura fabric outer shell, with nylon carry handles. It can be rolled up easily for transport and can be clipped closed when not in use.

Standard Size: 48” x 24”
Jumbo Size: 48” x 72”

Custom sizes & colors are available for production.

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Sizes: Standard Size: 48” x 24” Jumbo Size: 48” x 72”