Bomb Suppression Blanket

EDI-USA’s bomb suppression blanket is used to suppress and help minimize blasts & fragmentation impacts from dangerous explosive threats, including improvised explosive devices (IED’s) and other bomb threats.


The blanket is designed to resist NIJ level III-A threats, and is also tested to STANAG 2920 fragmentation (MIL STD 662F threats), and will resist up to 70g of TNT. EDI-USA’s bomb blanket is lightweight and portable, and works well to help quell explosions or to help isolate a package in a public area until a bomb squad can arrive.


EDI-USA’s bomb suppression blanket is available with two (2) different internal compositions of tightly compressed ballistic materials for the end user to choose: ballistic aramid or ballistic polyethene (uni-directional). All bomb blankets include a water-resistant cover (black) and are equipped with four (4) heavy-duty webbing carry straps to be carried and deployed fast & efficiently.


Safety Circle: EDI-USA manufactures Bomb Blanket to include one (1) deep safety circle (rectangular), which is adjustable by Velcro fastening. It can be easily placed over the suspicious package, and the bomb blanket is placed over the safety ring in order to help suppress the blast. We also manufacture a second model of Bomb Blanket which includes two (2) deep safety circles, which can also be adjusted by Velcro and can be easily placed over the suspicious package.


Available in small, or large. Please inquire for specific dimensions. Custom size and dimensions, as well as custom colors, are available upon request. Please contact us for any technical questions, or custom quotes for customized dimensions for our Bomb Blankets.


Have more questions about our Bomb Supersession Blanket? We’ve got you covered! Please contact us and we are happy to help!

Sizes: Small, Large, Custom (please inquire for customized dimension quote).