Bomb Suppression Blanket

Bomb Suppression Blankets (or anti-explosive blankets) are used to deploy over EOD and IEDD devices in order to help minimize the impact in the case that the explosive device is detonated.

EDI-USA’s Bomb Suppression Blanket is designed to help securely dispose of suspicious explosive items in public places, as well as in combat. The blanket can securely stake into the ground to suppress or hold objects in place while operations are being conducted.

The internal ballistic material off EDI-USA’s bomb blanket is tested to level III-A (ambient) ballistic standards, as well as STANAG 2920 (V50) fragmentation. The blanket is equipped with carry handles & straps, and is manufactured with durable nylon for rugged and long use.

EDI’s Bomb Blanket also includes an inner and outer safety circle (ballistic fence) to help wrap around the suspicious package so that it does not come in contact with the blanket during suppression operations.

Available in small, medium, large, or jumbo. Please inquire for specific dimensions. Custom size and dimensions, as well as custom colors, are available upon request.

Have more questions about our Bomb Supersession Blanket? We’ve got you covered! Please contact us and we are happy to help!

Sizes: Standard, Jumbo, or Custom