VIP Ballistic Briefcase

EDI-USA’s ballistic briefcase is designed to by used by VIP persons and personal security professionals to help guard individuals from bullet attacks.

Designed in a sleek and discreet appearance, the ballistic briefcase looks like a normal handbag, but includes ballistic panels tested to level III-A. In case of an attack, the user can hold up the ballistic briefcase to protect him or herself.

In addition, the ballistic briefcase can open and expand into a lightweight ballistic shield, resisting up to level III-A ballistic threats.

Size (opened): 41” x 19”
Size (closed): 13” x 19”

The briefcase external material is available in nylon (black color) or PU leather (black color) and can be customized with internal holsters or body straps. Additional custom sizes & colors are available for production.

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Sizes: Size (opened): 41” x 19” Size (closed): 13” x 19”