Tactical MOLLE Bullet-Resistant Vest

Designed for body protection during tactical operations, ExecDefense USA’s Tactical MOLLE Bullet-Resistant Vest is tested up to level III-A (ambient) to resist bullet threats from 9mm to .44mag, including .357sig.

Lightweight and flexible, this vest includes MOLLE webbing on the front & back, in order for the user to attached pouches and other attachments (such as holsters) to the vest.

The inside of the vest inside III-A panels (front and back) manufactured with tightly-compressed layers of ballistic material, and thermos-sealed in order to prevent entrance of humidity and liquid into the ballistic panels.

Law enforcement and military users prefer this vest over other models because it is lightweight & flexible, but also extremely tactical with a drag strapped attached to the back.

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Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

– Includes front, back ballistic protection
– Compatible with level III or IV hard plate inserts
– Custom labels available in English or other languages.
– Vest covers are available in over 57+ colors and can be customized with eternal labels or Velcro patches.