The EDI-USA bullet resistant fire rescue vest is a ballistic vest specially designed for fire fighters or other emergency rescue personnel that need to operate in dangerous areas. This vest is trusted by many fire fighters and fire personnel around the world, and is an important item to help keep fire rescue workers safe during their work.

Ergonomically manufactured for mobility & flexibility for rescue fire operations, this vest is produced in a bright red color for visibility and includes MOLLE webbing around the front, back, and sides. It includes adjustable shoulder and waste straps for comfort and security. FIRE velcro patches are included on the front & back of this vest.

Designed with comprehensive ballistic protection, this vest is tested to ballistic level III-A, and includes ballistic protection on the front, back and sides to resist up to .44mag threats, as well as lower threats such as 9mm and .357mag. The vest features additional front and back pockets for hard armor plates (HAPs) so users can insert HAPs, if required.

To help support fire rescue personnel, this vest includes 2 utility pouches, along with 2 long pouches that can be used for flashlights, radios, or other equipment. All pouches are easily removable with their MOLLE attachments on the back of them. This fire vest also includes 2 radio loops on the lower shoulders, and velcro lines on the front and back for ID patches.

This vest is available in red color, and can be custom-designed in additional colors upon request.

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