Manufactured to resist up to level IV ballistic threats, our stand alone level IV hard armor plates (HAP’s) are designed for high-tactical operations. Tested to resist up to .30 AP rounds (ambient), as well as lower threats, our level IV ballistic plates are designed in a stand alone construction to be used without the need of a III-A vest.

Our strong ballistic plates are available in shooter’s cut (front style) or rectangular cut (back style) and are lightweight and mobile – ideal for tactical and non-tactical situations. Also available in side-cut plate styles.

Each plate is manufactured with durable hard blocks of propriety ballistic material, and are held together by a durable layer of soft armor. The plate is then wrapped in a layer of durable black nylon and is sealed to help prevent entrance of liquid of humidity.

Looking for a custom size, or weight ballistic plate? Or other custom options such as monolithic or different cuts, such as side cuts? Please contact us, and one of our trusted body armor specialists can help provide a customized quote for your ballistic plate project.

Our level IV plates are TAA-Compliant.

Have more questions about our level IV ballistic plates? We’ve got you covered! Please contact us and we are happy to help!