One of EDI-USA® ’s most popular gas masks, the PROTEC-X Gas Mask is law enforcement and security personnel’s mask of choice to offer protection during tactical, riot operations, and other emergency operations.

Designed to fit snug against the user’s face, the PROTEC-X gas mask is comfortable and lightweight to ear. The mask includes an adjustable suspension system that can easily adjust to the user’s head size, and can be worn under most ballistic helmets and riot helmets.

When it comes to protection, the PROTEC-X Gas Mask has you covered. Tested to protect against police anti-riot chemicals (including CS, CN, tear gas and pepper spray), this mask also protects against other toxic industrial chemicals (TIM’s), and poisonous smoke. The disposable filter (canister) attaches to the front of the mask and can be removed and replaced after use. Please see filter specifications for a full list of chemical protection that is offered.

Finally, the PROTEC-X Gas Masks includes a visor with a panoramic full face view, so users can have an open field of vision without obstructed points. The visor is treated with a non-toxic anti-fog treatment as well as an anti-scratch coating.

Are you looking for straight-forward & comfortable protection for a variety of gas threats? Choose the PROTEC-X Gas Mask!

Sizes: 1-size fits all (Includes adjustable head straps)
  • 1 filter included for free!

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