Handheld Scanner Metal Detector

Handheld metal detectors are an important tool to help prevent visitors from brining in weapons or other metal contraband to your workplace, school, or home.

The EDI-USA metal detector allows uses to quickly and accurately scan large volumes of people to detect metal contraband. The scanner’s adjustable sensitive functions with 1-click switching and indicates by sound alarm (or vibration) if metal is detected on the subject. Includes durable leather case to attach to user’s belt.

Technical Specifications:

  • Supports up to 40 hours of use.
  • Detection sensitivity: detects a metal coin with a distance of >3cm.
  • Alarm function by audio, vibration, or both.
  • Quiescent current: less than 12mA
  • Working current: less than 50mA for sound & light, less than 107mA for vibration.
  • Power supply: 9-volt battery (6F22ND battery) with external charger function.
  • Net weight: 360g