MICH (ACH) Helmet

Item is IN STOCK and ready to ship! Available in black or green, or tan (custom order). Also available in navy blue for helmets used by news reports and journalists.

EDI-USA’s ACH MICH Helmet, tested to level III-A, ambient, with or without side rails & front mount is one of EDI’s best selling helmets for law enforcement officials. Equipped with strong interior padding for maximum comfort and adjustable chin strap.

Note on suspension system: This helmet is available with a rubber chin cup, or with a double chin strap (without rubber chin cup). Please specify when ordering.

Need a helmet to keep your team safe during the toughest operations? This helmet is for you.

Please contact us for any specifications questions or for quotations. Custom colors are available for special orders.

This item is IN STOCK and ready to ship!

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Need this to be TAA-Compliant? Please contact us and one of our TAA-compliance specialists can help send you a quote.

This item is available on GSA Advantage! GSA contract number: 47QSWA21D0010

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

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