Interlocking Anti-Riot Shield

During riot operations, making a “riot barrier wall” is very important for law enforcement.

Our strong anti-impact Interlocking Riot Shields help your team stay protected during protest and riot operations. Manufactured with strong and transparent polycarbonate (95% sunlight transparency), these tall shields have indented edges so that they can essentially “inter-connect” together.

The shields are thick and durable, with a thickness of approximately 0.18” to make sure that they protect well against non-ballistic hand-held anti-impact threats.

The user-facing side (back side) of the shield has an additional piece of polycarbonate which attached the handle system, along with a durable EVA-foam pad for extra arm comfort.

Customized inscriptions available for front side.

Need anti-laser strips for your riot shields? We’ve got you covered! Please contact us and we are happy to help.

This riot shield is compatible with FoxFury’s shield light (attachable). Please contact us for more information!

Need this to be TAA-Compliant? Please contact us and one of our TAA-compliance specialists can help send you a quote.

Sizes: Small: 47” x 21.5” Medium: 63” x 21.5” Large: 70” x 21.5”