Ballistic Visor (III-A)

For high-tactical and high-risk operations, law enforcement choose our ballistic visor (III-A) to keep them protected.

Specially designed for high-tactical operations, our ballistic helmet (tested to level III-A, ambient) attached easily to your PASGT, MICH (ACH) or High-Cut Helmet, in order to help resist bullets during operations. The visor will resist up to .44mag rounds, including 9mm and .357sig, as well as lesser ballistic threats.

Manufactured with triple-coated polycarbonate, our ballistic visors connect well to our ballistic helmet (as well as most other helmet brands), and cover the user’s face. The ballistic polycarbonate in the visor is transparent (95% light transmission).

Our ballistic visors (III-A) are compatible with PASGT / MICH (ACH) helmets (clamp visor style), or with High-Cut Helmets with side rails (picatinny rail adapter style), that slide into the side picatinny rails. Please specify if you want the PASGT / MICH compatible visor, or the High-Cut compatible visor when ordering.

Need anti-laser strips for your ballistic (III-A) visors? We’ve got you covered! Please contact us and we are happy to help!

Sizes: Standard