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Designed for high-tactical operations, EDI-USA’s High-Cut Helmet is tested to level III-A (ambient) and allows users to protect themselves while also being able to attach radio communication and night vision devices to the helmet. The helmet includes adjustable memory foam cushions on the inside, as well as and adjustable ratchet adjustment knob to fine-tune to different head size.

Our High-Cut Helmet includes one pair of attached picatinny side rails, front mount, and has an adjustable ratchet knob system on the interior to fine-tune to each user’s head size.

What makes our high-Cut Helmet special? Unlike other bulletproof helmets, this bulletproof helmet is equipped with extra-enhanced interior padding that significantly helps reduce brain trauma or internal injuries if shot at by a bullet. The extra-enhanced interior padding system includes seven (7) high-density memory foam pads that allow users to comfortable wear the helmet. Unlike other ballistic helmets which only include a a couple of interior padding, the seven (7) pads are comfortable, lightweight, and can also be removed for cleaning or replacement. In addition, users can remove some, or all, of the padding in case they need extra space around their head to accommodate cold-weather head gear, or head-mounted communication devices. Our enhanced padding is a huge advantage and will significantly increase your chances of survival and injury if shot – it is hard to find other helmets at our price point that have such a great and high-quality interior padding system.

Tough, strong, and amazing – this ballistic helmet is one of our most popular helmets and provides it all!

Please contact us for any specifications questions or for quotations. Custom colors are available for special orders, including for news crews / PRESS.

This item is IN STOCK and ready to ship!

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Alternate SKU: E-MT-HC01-HC

This item is available on GSA Advantage! GSA contract number: 47QSWA21D0010

Sizes: M, L, XL

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