EDI’s newest riot suit protecting up to level NIJ II stab-proof resistance. Available with or without flame retardant fabric. The PROTEC-X suit has been one of EDI-USA® ’s best sellers over the past year and is one of the most comprehensive suits available.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • ANTI-STAB (LEVEL II): Equipped with front and back anti-stab plates (4mm in thickness) tested in accordance to NIJ 0115 anti-stab level II standards.
  • ANTI-FLAME FABRIC (Optional): Suit shell is available to be manufactured with PYROTX anti-flame fabric to resist Molotov cocktails and other flame threats.
  • HARD GROIN PROTECTION: Suit is manufactured with removable groin cup for durable protection.
  • STRONG LEG PROTECTION: Includes durable plastic knee, and shin protection, with extra interior EVA foam for maximum mobility & comfort.
  • Tactical carry bag (backpack) included with these models.