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How Bulletproof Backpack Inserts Can Keep Your Family Safe

All parents want to protect their children, and with school shootings and active shooter situations at their highest in history, it’s important to empower your children to stay protected. Bulletproof backpack inserts have recently received a VERY high level of demand, and can help save your child or teen’s life in an active shooter situation.

How do these ballistic backpack inserts work? And how much protection can they provide to your child or teen during an active shooter situation? Keep reading to find out.

What Are Bulletproof Backpack Inserts And What Are They Made From?

Bulletproof backpacks inserts (also known as ballistic backpack inserts) are created from strong ballistic fibers woven together using crisscross patterns that form a durable but flexible weave or ballistic material. Multiple weaves are stacked on top of each other to form a single piece covered with an outer material that is resistant up to level III-A (ambient) ballistic threats. Similarly to bullet-resistant vests, the ballistic panels used in backpacks are produced with the same type of ballistic material. Currently, 95% of gun violence in America occurs from ammunition within level III-A ballistic threats.

When a bullet strikes the ballistic material within the backpack insert, the tough fibers are able to help stop the bullet in its tracks and prevent it from entering the body. Once a bullet-resistant backpack or insert has been shot, you should discard for it a new one.

How They Work

A child wearing a backpack with a ballistic insert will help protect protect their vital organs from attack from the rear. When children hear a gunshot, they should attempt an escape and get to safety. If the threat is in front of them, they should turn the backpack around to cover their head and chest. The bulletproof insert within the backpack may help save the child or teen’s life if they have nothing else to defend themselves with during an active shooter situation. Many furniture items like desks, chairs, and even doors are not bullet-resistant, so a ballistic backpack insert is one of the best lines of defense to help in emergency situations.

Ballistic backpack inserts are designed to fit into most standard-sized backpacks. The backpack inserts manufactured by EDI-USA are produced with a specialized “round cut” towards the top which ensures they can accommodate a zipper for ease of use, and the lightweight ballistics material ensures the child will barely notice the difference in extra weight.

Many tactical backpacks will include a compartment for bulletproof backpack panels but sliding the panel into the rear of the bag will also provide a sufficient level of protection. The most significant advantage of bulletproof panels for backpacks is that you are not as limited in your choice of backpacks.

Bulletproof material has an expiration date (typically five years), so bulletproof panels are an excellent option from a budget perspective, as you can replace the panel and continue to use your current backpack.

How Much Protection Do Bulletproof Backpacks Provide?

It’s important you choose a bullet-resistant backpack inserts that are tested in NIJ-approved laboratories to ensure you are using the highest quality. EDI-USA’s ballistic panels are tested to ballistic level III-A, ambient, which can help stop ammunition from .44 submachine guns, 9mm handguns, and .357sig. Ninety-five percent of gun violence is perpetrated with guns from this range, so you can help keep your child safer during most active shooter situations.

While bullet-resistant backpacks cannot make a child invincible, they can offer more protection than they would have otherwise, which can save their lives.

You can find out more about how affordable a little extra protection for your school child or teen can be by contacting us and ordering a ballistic backpack insert today.

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