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Ballistic T-Shirts – Innovative Lightweight and Comfortable Ballistic Protection

As the global threat landscape evolves, more than ever, Police, Security and Military professionals require concealable ballistics protection. Based on our clients’ feedback in over 45 countries around the world, EDI has developed a new line of ballistic t-shirts using innovative technology and advanced engineering. Our bullet-proof t-shirts protect serving officers while offering ballistic protection that is safer, lighter, and more comfortable than ever.

Full Front and Back Protection, and Partial Side Protection

When you’re looking for covert ballistic protection, a ballistic t-shirt provides full front and back protection. Ballistic t-shirts even upgrade on the level of protection offered by a traditional bullet-proof vest. Traditional bullet-proof vests only provide front and back coverage, yet a ballistic t-shirt provides partial side coverage in addition to full frontal and dorsal protection.

Lightweight Construction and Moisture-Wicking Fabric for a Comfortable Fit

From working closely with our clients, we know how important it is to customize your gear and have comfortable, lightweight protection. This is particularly important in hot climates or operations requiring plainclothes dress. EDI’s ballistic t-shirts are thin and lightweight, making them easy to wear in plainclothes situations. Wear them as an outer layer, or as an undershirt.

When it comes to working under the hot sun, our advanced moisture-wicking technology keeps you cool. Even better, the cut and style of the ballistic t-shirt provide easy ventilation. The stretchy fabric conforms to your body, providing a comfortable, stylish fit while preserving your agility.

Comprehensive Ballistic Protection

For comprehensive ballistic protection, pair our ballistic t-shirts with our ballistic helmet line. Our FAST, PAGST, and MICH Ballistic Helmets each of offer armor level NIJ III-A protection, providing 360° security for the serving men and women who protect us.

EDI’s ballistic line keeps police, military and security professionals safe in the field. Our new ballistic t-shirts keep serving officers safe, while conserving their agility and keeping them comfortable under the hot sun.

For all of your ballistic protection needs, from t-shirts to shields to helmets to hard armor plates and ballistic vests, choose EDI, your ISO 9001 certified American body armor manufacturer.