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Why Law Enforcement Needs Body Armor!

ExecDefense Tactical Plate Carrier

In the realm of law enforcement, officers are entrusted with the challenging duty of maintaining public safety and upholding the rule of law. In carrying out these responsibilities, police officers often find themselves in dangerous situations that necessitate advanced tactical gear and body armor. Among the most crucial pieces of equipment in an officer’s arsenal is the bulletproof vest (or technically referred to as bullet-resistant vest). These vests, designed to withstand bullets and other projectiles, are not just a mere accessory, but a fundamental tool that significantly contributes to officer safety, enhances public trust, and ensures the effective execution of law enforcement duties.

First and foremost, the implementation of bulletproof vests (and ballistic helmets) in police forces across the world underscores the paramount importance of officer safety. Policing inherently involves exposure to risks that few other professions encounter on a daily basis. Officers confront unpredictable scenarios where they may face armed individuals, confrontations, or hostile situations. In such instances, bulletproof vests serve as a primary line of defense against potentially life-threatening harm. By providing protection against bullets and sharp objects, these vests play a pivotal role in preventing serious injuries or fatalities.

The utilization of bulletproof vests and ballistic helmets not only safeguards officers’ lives but also bolsters public trust in law enforcement. In recent years, discussions surrounding police conduct and accountability have gained prominence, and fostering positive relations between the police and the communities they serve is more crucial than ever. When officers visibly equip themselves with protective gear, including bulletproof vests, it sends a message that they prioritize their own safety without resorting to excessive use of force. This emphasis on safety not only benefits the officers themselves but also reassures the public that the police are focused on maintaining order while respecting human rights.


Moreover, bulletproof vests contribute to the effective execution of law enforcement duties. When officers feel secure in their protective gear, they can approach potentially dangerous situations with greater confidence and focus. This enhanced sense of security enables them to make better decisions under pressure, ensuring the safety of all parties involved. By preventing potential injuries, bulletproof vests enable officers to remain physically capable and mentally alert, which directly impacts their ability to respond effectively to emergencies, conduct investigations, and maintain public order. Many bulletproof vests are also paired with other ballistic tactical gear such as ballistic helmets, ballistic shields, and hard ballistic plates.

The use of bulletproof vests, and more generally body armor, in law enforcement is a critical practice that should be embraced and advocated for. These protective garments are not merely an accessory but an essential component of modern policing that addresses the inherent dangers officers face on a daily basis. The safety of law enforcement officers is paramount, and by providing them with effective protective gear, society demonstrates a commitment to valuing their lives and well-being. Furthermore, the use of bulletproof vests communicates a strong message of accountability, responsibility, and professionalism to the public, fostering trust and positive relations between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Finally, these vests empower officers to fulfill their duties more effectively, allowing them to navigate dangerous situations with heightened confidence and better decision-making capabilities.

As law enforcement agencies continue to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of public expectations, the inclusion of advanced protective gear like bulletproof vests becomes an indispensable part of this evolution. Striking a balance between officer safety, community trust, and effective policing, these vests stand as a testament to the commitment of society to ensure the well-being of those who dedicate their lives to keeping us safe.

At ExecDefense USA, we offer a variety of bullet-resistant vest solutions, and other body armor solutions for law enforcement and security professionals. Please contact us today and one of our tactical specialists will help you decide what is best for you and your team!

How Bulletproof Backpack Inserts Can Keep Your Family Safe

All parents want to protect their children, and with school shootings and active shooter situations at their highest in history, it’s important to empower your children to stay protected. Bulletproof backpack inserts have recently received a VERY high level of demand, and can help save your child or teen’s life in an active shooter situation.

How do these ballistic backpack inserts work? And how much protection can they provide to your child or teen during an active shooter situation? Keep reading to find out.

What Are Bulletproof Backpack Inserts And What Are They Made From?

Bulletproof backpacks inserts (also known as ballistic backpack inserts) are created from strong ballistic fibers woven together using crisscross patterns that form a durable but flexible weave or ballistic material. Multiple weaves are stacked on top of each other to form a single piece covered with an outer material that is resistant up to level III-A (ambient) ballistic threats. Similarly to bullet-resistant vests, the ballistic panels used in backpacks are produced with the same type of ballistic material. Currently, 95% of gun violence in America occurs from ammunition within level III-A ballistic threats.

When a bullet strikes the ballistic material within the backpack insert, the tough fibers are able to help stop the bullet in its tracks and prevent it from entering the body. Once a bullet-resistant backpack or insert has been shot, you should discard for it a new one.

How They Work

A child wearing a backpack with a ballistic insert will help protect protect their vital organs from attack from the rear. When children hear a gunshot, they should attempt an escape and get to safety. If the threat is in front of them, they should turn the backpack around to cover their head and chest. The bulletproof insert within the backpack may help save the child or teen’s life if they have nothing else to defend themselves with during an active shooter situation. Many furniture items like desks, chairs, and even doors are not bullet-resistant, so a ballistic backpack insert is one of the best lines of defense to help in emergency situations.

Ballistic backpack inserts are designed to fit into most standard-sized backpacks. The backpack inserts manufactured by EDI-USA are produced with a specialized “round cut” towards the top which ensures they can accommodate a zipper for ease of use, and the lightweight ballistics material ensures the child will barely notice the difference in extra weight.

Many tactical backpacks will include a compartment for bulletproof backpack panels but sliding the panel into the rear of the bag will also provide a sufficient level of protection. The most significant advantage of bulletproof panels for backpacks is that you are not as limited in your choice of backpacks.

Bulletproof material has an expiration date (typically five years), so bulletproof panels are an excellent option from a budget perspective, as you can replace the panel and continue to use your current backpack.

How Much Protection Do Bulletproof Backpacks Provide?

It’s important you choose a bullet-resistant backpack inserts that are tested in NIJ-approved laboratories to ensure you are using the highest quality. EDI-USA’s ballistic panels are tested to ballistic level III-A, ambient, which can help stop ammunition from .44 submachine guns, 9mm handguns, and .357sig. Ninety-five percent of gun violence is perpetrated with guns from this range, so you can help keep your child safer during most active shooter situations.

While bullet-resistant backpacks cannot make a child invincible, they can offer more protection than they would have otherwise, which can save their lives.

You can find out more about how affordable a little extra protection for your school child or teen can be by contacting us and ordering a ballistic backpack insert today.

Need more information or pricing? Please contact us and one of our body armor specialists will help you choose the best ballistic backpack insert for your child or teen.

EDI-USA now RENTS riot gear and ballistic equipment!

Ideal for short term protection needs.

With dangerous unrest occurring around in the world and in the United States on a weekly basis, police departments and private companies have recognized a need for riot gear or bullet resistant items on a short-term basis.


Due to this need, EDI-USA has launched its RIOT GEAR RENTAL PROGRAM!

PROTEC-X Riot Helmet – For Rent!

Looking for riot gear to protect your team on a specific one-time project? Look no farther because now you can rent riot gear from EDI-USA on a short term basis! We offer high-quality rentals on select models of our riot helmets, riot suits, and certain riot shields. And for high-risk situations you can also rent ballistic helmets (tested to level III-A, ambient) and bullet resistant vests (tested to level III-A, ambient).


How does EDI’s riot gear rental program work?


Simply contact us with your event details including – the date, the location and the type of event. We will suggest a package of riot gear or ballistic equipment for you to rent, or you can also choose the individual gear that you want to rent based on your specific project.


How fast can your rental gear get to us?


We offer ground shipping, 2-day air shipping, and even overnight shipping throughout the United States for immediate situations. All orders must be placed by 12pm EST in order for your rental gear to ship out the same day.

Who rents EDI-USA’s riot gear?


Recently, we have seen many different users and projects that are requiring to rent our gear. This includes:


– News reporters and film crews that are filming on location or reporting in dangerous environments.

– Private security guards that are contracted for specific crowd-control or building guarding projects during riots or risky situations.

– Police and sheriff departments from smaller jurisdictions that want to be prepared for a one-time demonstration or protest.

External Bullet Resistant Vest (III-A) – For Rent!
High-Cut Ballistic Helmet – For Rent!

Our riot gear and ballistic equipment is rented on a weekly contract basis and it can get to you FAST! Before being sent to you, all gear is carefully inspected to make sure it’s at the quality standards valued by EDI-USA and you will have access to one of our tactical specialists by phone or email in case any last minute questions come up.


Need to rent (or purchase) riot gear or bullet resistant vests / helmets for your next event? Please CONTACT US today and we can help!

Ballistic T-Shirts – Innovative Lightweight and Comfortable Ballistic Protection

As the global threat landscape evolves, more than ever, Police, Security and Military professionals require concealable ballistics protection. Based on our clients’ feedback in over 45 countries around the world, EDI has developed a new line of ballistic t-shirts using innovative technology and advanced engineering. Our bullet-proof t-shirts protect serving officers while offering ballistic protection that is safer, lighter, and more comfortable than ever.

Full Front and Back Protection, and Partial Side Protection

When you’re looking for covert ballistic protection, a ballistic t-shirt provides full front and back protection. Ballistic t-shirts even upgrade on the level of protection offered by a traditional bullet-proof vest. Traditional bullet-proof vests only provide front and back coverage, yet a ballistic t-shirt provides partial side coverage in addition to full frontal and dorsal protection.

Lightweight Construction and Moisture-Wicking Fabric for a Comfortable Fit

From working closely with our clients, we know how important it is to customize your gear and have comfortable, lightweight protection. This is particularly important in hot climates or operations requiring plainclothes dress. EDI’s ballistic t-shirts are thin and lightweight, making them easy to wear in plainclothes situations. Wear them as an outer layer, or as an undershirt.

When it comes to working under the hot sun, our advanced moisture-wicking technology keeps you cool. Even better, the cut and style of the ballistic t-shirt provide easy ventilation. The stretchy fabric conforms to your body, providing a comfortable, stylish fit while preserving your agility.

Comprehensive Ballistic Protection

For comprehensive ballistic protection, pair our ballistic t-shirts with our ballistic helmet line. Our FAST, PAGST, and MICH Ballistic Helmets each of offer armor level NIJ III-A protection, providing 360° security for the serving men and women who protect us.

EDI’s ballistic line keeps police, military and security professionals safe in the field. Our new ballistic t-shirts keep serving officers safe, while conserving their agility and keeping them comfortable under the hot sun.

For all of your ballistic protection needs, from t-shirts to shields to helmets to hard armor plates and ballistic vests, choose EDI, your ISO 9001 certified American body armor manufacturer.

Which Bullet Proof Vest Is Right for You?

Which Bullet Proof Vest Is Right for You?

What to Look for When Shopping for Bullet Proof Vests

This is the most important question you need to ask when shopping for a bullet proof vest, because it can literally be a life or death decision.

If the vest you are wearing does not protect you from the threats you are going to face then you will have wasted your money, and you will be putting yourself at risk.

Equally you should not choose a piece of body armor that offers unnecessary protection, as it may be heavier and more restrictive than a vest with less protection.

Before purchasing body armor you should always research the area in which you will be working, the history of attacks that have taken place there previously etc. This will help you to decide which type of bullet proof vest is right for you, and which level of protection will suit your needs.

Selecting the Correct Bulletproof Vest for You and Your Team

Step 1: Identify if you will need a Covert or Overt bulletproof vest

Covert Bullet Proof Vests: Covert armor is used for individuals that want to be protected but do not want to be seen wearing body armor. Because covert bullet and stab proof vests can remain hidden beneath clothing, they can help to keep members of covert security teams both hidden and protected as they still cover a number of NIJ protection levels. This is the preferred option for individuals involved in professional and covert security duties.

Overt Bullet Proof Vest: Overt armor is often heavier and bulkier in appearance than covert armor. It is designed for higher protection levels and has to be worn over clothing due to its size and weight. Overt bullet and stab proof vests protect whoever wears them up to the maximum NIJ protection levels. It also provides protection from heavy gunfire and large blades/spikes.

Step 2: Identify the right level of ballistics protection needed

All ballistic vests are tested to different levels and are created to assist in different uses and purposes. A vest that is certified to protect against lower caliber bullet threats may offer no protection against higher caliber weapons. Many of our vests can be equipped with additional armored plates that will increase a vest’s protection level.

Level III-A: This is the principal level of ballistic protection here at EDI-USA. The III-A offers comfort and versatility with protection levels from a .22mm up to a 44 Magnum. Most of the level III-A vests available here at EDI-USA can be outfitted with ballistics plates to increase the level of ballistics protection for the wearer if required.

Level III: The level III offers higher levels of protection and covers ballistic sizes from .22mm up until .30-06. It is a touch bulkier and made of a harder material than the IIIA. The level III bullet proof vest can be outfitted with additional ballistic plates that will increase the overall ballistic protection level for the wearer as well.

Level IV Ballistic Plates: These hard armored plates can be added to existing vests to increase the protection level to withstand fierce attacks ranging from carbine weapons to armor piercing bullets.

Anti Stabbing Protection: Many assume that if a piece of body armor can stop a bullet, it can stop a knife. This is however not the case, stab proof vests are different to bullet proof vests in both design and fabric. If you need a bulletproof vest that also has anti-stabbing capabilities, at EDI-USA we have the unique ability to make customized dual purpose vests that can withstand bullets and sharp object attacks.

Step 3: Identify the additional personalized needs for your team

EDI-USA has several different lines of bullet proof vests and they all are made to serve different and distinct duties. See the below variations to understand the variables.

Tactical Style: tactical ballistic vest with comprehensive front, back, neck, shoulder, upper arm, side, and groin protection. This vest is a Police favorite for its full coverage and unique quick release system.
Integrated Neck Protection: This vest is integrated with extensive neck protection making it perfect for situations with sporadic bullet fire or danger of knife attacks.
Fully Adjustable: This vest sports the capability to fully adjust so it can be useful both under and over clothing giving the most appropriate fit.
Float-able Bullet Proof Vest: This is a favorite of the navy as this vest is able to keep the user afloat for 24 hours while retaining its anti-ballistic abilities.
Hard Plate Carrier: This is a rugged vest designed to carry both standard level III and IV ballistics plates for added protection.

These are just a few of the many options that we manufacture. Please see our full catalog to experience the full product line.

EDI-USA Can Help You Decide Which Vest is Best for You

If you are uncertain in anyway when it comes to deciding which type of bullet proof vest to order for you or your team, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to converse about you or your team’s specific needs and help you choose the best bullet proof vest. We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

What is the Best Bullet Proof Vest for Your Job Type?

What is the Best Bullet Proof Vest for Your Job Type?

Bullet proof vests are always one of our most requested and talked about products.

With so much interest, we thought we would dedicate a blog post to give our best advice for choosing the most appropriate vest for your occupation. We’ll also answer the most commonly asked questions about bullet proof vests.

Let’s start with the FAQ’s:

Frequently Asked Questions About Bullet Proof Vests:

  • Q – When were bullet proof vests invented?
    • A – Kevlar the most common material used in bullet proof vests was invented in 1966 and the vests began production in the 70’s.
  • Q – What is the average lifespan of a bullet proof vest?
    • A – The average lifespan of a vest is a minimum of 5 years set by NIJ standards however the level of maintenance of the vest can extend or shorten the vest’s life span.
  • Q – Does moisture, sweat, and water affect a bullet proof vest?
    • A – YES! Unless your bullet proof vest is rated for moisture and water it is very import to avoid moisture as the vest may deteriorate earlier than anticipated.
  • Q – Where is the best place to store my bullet proof vest?
    • A – Keep your vest in a closet or flat place. The inserts in a bullet proof vest cannot be stretched or bent in any way over a long period of time. This will cause the bulletproof fibers to be pulled apart and thereby they will lose their durability and eventually be ineffective in stopping bullets. Place your vest in a closet or a flat place where it is out of the sun. Please be aware when you get home from work, that you don’t put your sweaty vest on the floor in the corner. The sweat can seep into the fibers and reduce durability.
  • Q – What happens if I gain or lose weight?
    • A – A vest should fit its owner like a glove, generally the rule is any change of 10% or more to your body weight will require you to be fitted with a new vest that in appropriate for your new body size.
  • Q – What level of protection should I get?
  • A – There are three major levels that most manufacturers offer. They are level II-A generally ~4 mm thick, level II generally ~5 mm thick, and level III-A generally ~7.5 – 8.5 mm thick. The style and NIJ level of the vests are entirely dependent upon the type of work you are doing with the vest and what possible dangers you may face in the line of duty. See below for an in-depth explanation on NIJ levels and recommendations.


Having answered all the most commonly asked questions about bullet proof vests, let’s explore which style of vest is considered the norm for each occupation that requires protection.

EDI-USA Bullet Proof Vest

What is the Best Type of Bullet Proof Vest for My Job?

Below are examples of the professions that usually require bullet proof vests in their daily interactions.

Police Officers – Police officers need adequate protection that is also very mobile. The industry standard for most US police is level III-A, this gives strong protection while still allowing the wearer to make rapid movements.

Swat / Tactical Teams – These individuals are often entering extremely dangerous environments or situations and require protection from heavier artillery and unexpected shrapnel. Most tactical groups use III-A vests paired with level 3 armored plates. It is also common for SWAT and tactical members to have additional neck and groin protection.

Military – This will depend on the branch and mission. For members of the Navy it will be necessary that the bullet proof vests be floatable in addition to bullet-resistant. Most military members will be wearing III-A and above, along with armored plates for combative missions.

Private Security – This will be up to the user’s preference, but it is common for private security guards to wear level II or III-A vests to ensure a suitable level of protection without inhibiting the wearers’ maneuverability and concealability.

Civilian Workers – All the jobs mentioned below generally require individuals to wear a level II or III-A vests which will ensure an adequate level of protection without inhibiting the wearer’s maneuverability and concealability.

  • Shop Owners and Workers
  • Paramedics
  • Park Rangers
  • Bank Employees

Want Help Deciding on a Bullet Proof Vest?

Here at EDI-USA we specialize in manufacturing and selling the best vests for your specific needs. We have a full catalog of products and will happily help you and your team decide which gear will be most appropriate for your missions.

As we are a manufacturer of our own products, we have the unique ability to offer specialized colors (57+), sizes, labels, and materials. If you need something that is personalized, we have the capabilities to do that, don’t hesitate to communicate with us to discuss your needs. We are confident that we can deliver all of your tactical customization requests.