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Why Law Enforcement Needs Body Armor!

ExecDefense Tactical Plate Carrier

In the realm of law enforcement, officers are entrusted with the challenging duty of maintaining public safety and upholding the rule of law. In carrying out these responsibilities, police officers often find themselves in dangerous situations that necessitate advanced tactical gear and body armor. Among the most crucial pieces of equipment in an officer’s arsenal is the bulletproof vest (or technically referred to as bullet-resistant vest). These vests, designed to withstand bullets and other projectiles, are not just a mere accessory, but a fundamental tool that significantly contributes to officer safety, enhances public trust, and ensures the effective execution of law enforcement duties.

First and foremost, the implementation of bulletproof vests (and ballistic helmets) in police forces across the world underscores the paramount importance of officer safety. Policing inherently involves exposure to risks that few other professions encounter on a daily basis. Officers confront unpredictable scenarios where they may face armed individuals, confrontations, or hostile situations. In such instances, bulletproof vests serve as a primary line of defense against potentially life-threatening harm. By providing protection against bullets and sharp objects, these vests play a pivotal role in preventing serious injuries or fatalities.

The utilization of bulletproof vests and ballistic helmets not only safeguards officers’ lives but also bolsters public trust in law enforcement. In recent years, discussions surrounding police conduct and accountability have gained prominence, and fostering positive relations between the police and the communities they serve is more crucial than ever. When officers visibly equip themselves with protective gear, including bulletproof vests, it sends a message that they prioritize their own safety without resorting to excessive use of force. This emphasis on safety not only benefits the officers themselves but also reassures the public that the police are focused on maintaining order while respecting human rights.


Moreover, bulletproof vests contribute to the effective execution of law enforcement duties. When officers feel secure in their protective gear, they can approach potentially dangerous situations with greater confidence and focus. This enhanced sense of security enables them to make better decisions under pressure, ensuring the safety of all parties involved. By preventing potential injuries, bulletproof vests enable officers to remain physically capable and mentally alert, which directly impacts their ability to respond effectively to emergencies, conduct investigations, and maintain public order. Many bulletproof vests are also paired with other ballistic tactical gear such as ballistic helmets, ballistic shields, and hard ballistic plates.

The use of bulletproof vests, and more generally body armor, in law enforcement is a critical practice that should be embraced and advocated for. These protective garments are not merely an accessory but an essential component of modern policing that addresses the inherent dangers officers face on a daily basis. The safety of law enforcement officers is paramount, and by providing them with effective protective gear, society demonstrates a commitment to valuing their lives and well-being. Furthermore, the use of bulletproof vests communicates a strong message of accountability, responsibility, and professionalism to the public, fostering trust and positive relations between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Finally, these vests empower officers to fulfill their duties more effectively, allowing them to navigate dangerous situations with heightened confidence and better decision-making capabilities.

As law enforcement agencies continue to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of public expectations, the inclusion of advanced protective gear like bulletproof vests becomes an indispensable part of this evolution. Striking a balance between officer safety, community trust, and effective policing, these vests stand as a testament to the commitment of society to ensure the well-being of those who dedicate their lives to keeping us safe.

At ExecDefense USA, we offer a variety of bullet-resistant vest solutions, and other body armor solutions for law enforcement and security professionals. Please contact us today and one of our tactical specialists will help you decide what is best for you and your team!

Bulletproof Helmets Inner Padding and Mitigating Brain Trauma

Staying protected in tactical situations is very important for you and your team, choosing the best protective gear that would ensure that, is a daunting task, that requires a lot of research and understanding of the capabilities of such equipment, the materials they are made of and what gear to use at which situation. Keeping your head and brain protected from injury would take the highest priority and is critical to function and survivability, and something that is constantly being overlooked is the padding of ballistic helmets which can significantly reduce the trauma to your brain after being shot at or from shrapnel and explosives. In this article we will try and explain the best ways to choose the best options for you and your team to stay protected and to ensure your safety during and after tactical situations.


There has been a great deal of innovation that has gone into the development, research and testing of protective gear materials, design, engineering, construction, and manufacturing of bulletproof helmets in recent history, after the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. NIJ testing mainly gives you an idea of what to expect of specific bulletproof helmets and how they will function against specific rounds or threats, for example a High-Cut (III-A) Tactical Bulletproof Helmet would protect you against or up to level III-A rounds, however the NIJ rating doesn’t specify anything about padding – or in that case extra-enhanced interior padding – and how it will decrease your chances of brain trauma or internal injuries if shot at by a bullet, unlike other ballistic helmets offered by other bulletproof helmets providers available on the market.


Research has shown that the padding of a bulletproof helmet can significantly reduce the chances of traumatic brain injury (TBI) from being shot at. At EDI we went to great lengths to design the best bulletproof helmets on the market that would ensure you and your teammates protection and safety when situations get tough. Not only did we use the best materials to make our helmets exteriors, but we also used the best materials for the interior padding to enhance your comfort, safety and protection and mitigate traumatic brain injury (TBI). Our great range of ballistic helmets will ensure your protection during and after tactical situations.


Starting with our top of the line the High-Cut (III-A) Tactical Bulletproof Helmet, unlike other bulletproof helmet providers, our High-Cut Bulletproof Helmet is equipped with extra-enhanced interior padding that significantly helps reduce brain trauma or internal injuries if shot at by a bullet. The extra-enhanced interior padding system includes seven (7) high-density memory foam pads that allow users to comfortably wear the helmet. Unlike other ballistic helmets which only include a couple of interior padding, the seven (7) pads are comfortable, lightweight, and can also be removed for cleaning or replacement. In addition, users can remove some, or all, of the padding in case they need extra space around their head to accommodate cold-weather head gear, or head-mounted communication devices. Our enhanced padding is a huge advantage and will significantly increase your chances of survival and injury if shot – it is hard to find other helmets at our price point that have such a great and high-quality interior padding system.

Our MICH (III-A) Bulletproof Helmet and our MICH (ACH) HELMET (III-A) – WITH SIDE RAILS AND FRONT MOUNT are equipped with durable pads (7 pads in total) along with a strong head harness with rubber chin up. The trauma pads on the inside are very, very comfortable. Unlike other bulletproof helmets, our bulletproof helmets are equipped with extra-enhanced interior padding that significantly helps reduce brain trauma or internal injuries if shot at by a bullet. This is a huge advantage and will significantly increase your chances of survival and injury if shot.

Finally, our PASGT (III-A) Bulletproof Helmet is equipped with a durable head harness as well as a cushioned interior and headband for maximum comfort during many types of situations requiring a bulletproof and tactical helmet. Unlike other bulletproof helmets, our bulletproof helmets are equipped with extra-enhanced interior padding that significantly helps reduce brain trauma or internal injuries if shot at by a bullet. This is a huge advantage and will significantly increase your chances of survival and injury if shot.

EDI-USA now RENTS riot gear and ballistic equipment!

Ideal for short term protection needs.

With dangerous unrest occurring around in the world and in the United States on a weekly basis, police departments and private companies have recognized a need for riot gear or bullet resistant items on a short-term basis.


Due to this need, EDI-USA has launched its RIOT GEAR RENTAL PROGRAM!

PROTEC-X Riot Helmet – For Rent!

Looking for riot gear to protect your team on a specific one-time project? Look no farther because now you can rent riot gear from EDI-USA on a short term basis! We offer high-quality rentals on select models of our riot helmets, riot suits, and certain riot shields. And for high-risk situations you can also rent ballistic helmets (tested to level III-A, ambient) and bullet resistant vests (tested to level III-A, ambient).


How does EDI’s riot gear rental program work?


Simply contact us with your event details including – the date, the location and the type of event. We will suggest a package of riot gear or ballistic equipment for you to rent, or you can also choose the individual gear that you want to rent based on your specific project.


How fast can your rental gear get to us?


We offer ground shipping, 2-day air shipping, and even overnight shipping throughout the United States for immediate situations. All orders must be placed by 12pm EST in order for your rental gear to ship out the same day.

Who rents EDI-USA’s riot gear?


Recently, we have seen many different users and projects that are requiring to rent our gear. This includes:


– News reporters and film crews that are filming on location or reporting in dangerous environments.

– Private security guards that are contracted for specific crowd-control or building guarding projects during riots or risky situations.

– Police and sheriff departments from smaller jurisdictions that want to be prepared for a one-time demonstration or protest.

External Bullet Resistant Vest (III-A) – For Rent!
High-Cut Ballistic Helmet – For Rent!

Our riot gear and ballistic equipment is rented on a weekly contract basis and it can get to you FAST! Before being sent to you, all gear is carefully inspected to make sure it’s at the quality standards valued by EDI-USA and you will have access to one of our tactical specialists by phone or email in case any last minute questions come up.


Need to rent (or purchase) riot gear or bullet resistant vests / helmets for your next event? Please CONTACT US today and we can help!

Lasers: The New Threat To Law Enforcement & How To Stop Them

Security personnel are always on their toes. Now, law enforcement and other first responders are facing a new threat: handheld lasers blinding the eyes of officers during their operations.

What are handheld lasers?

Handheld lasers are electronic devices that are easily bought in many stores, as well as online. The lasers are usually small and will emit a bright laser shining light when a button is pressed by the combatant. Most lasers currently used to distract and blind police are primary nuisance blue and green color, and they can run on batteries to last for a very long time without needing to be replaced or recharged.

Due to the small, yet powerful, size of the laser devices, they can easily be concealed or discarded by perpetrators very quickly. Perpetrators will shine then and they will go through the visors of officers’ riot helmets or riot shields.

What harm are handheld lasers causing to police and other law enforcement workers?

During security operations, combatants point powerful handheld lasers into the eyes of police officers through the visors of their riot helmets, which have many harmful affects. Such adverse affects include:

– Temporary blindness so that the officer cannot see the operational security situation they are working in during the time of laser emittance.
– Becoming severely distracted so that combatants can harm the officer, or harm the officer’s teammates or other innocent bystanders.
– Distracting the officer in order to commit criminal acts in the operational situation.
– Cause short and long-term health affects not only to the officer’s eyes, but also other parts of his or her body, as well as mental trauma.

How do officers stay safe from handheld lasers?

That’s a good question, and it’s a tough one.

Currently there are very few solutions on the market which will protect officers from combatants with handheld lasers. Since most riot helmets and riot shields are clear, lasers can be shined right into the eyes of officers without any protection.

To help protect officers, EDI-USA provides anti-laser strips that help deflect handheld lasers. Manufactured with durable PVC material, these anti-laser strips protect up to 200-540nm of primary nuisance blue and green lasers. Currently, most handheld lasers emit a frequency of 532nm, so these strips will help keep officers safe for the majority oflasers currently being shined into officers eyes under 540mm.

How do the anti-laser strips work?

Simply take the strip out of its packaging and apply it to the visor of the riot helmet or riot visor that attaches onto a ballistic helmet. The strip will stick automatically and can be removed (without leaving any sticky adhesive residue). Larger anti-laser strips are also available to apply to riot shields, and strips can be produced in custom sizes for specific operations. These anti-laser strips are literally helping save officers around the country during very dangerous situations.

Our department needs anti-laser strips ASAP. How do we get them?

Very limited stocks of anti-laser strips are available that are being held for law enforcement and security personnel use ONLY.

To order anti-laser strips for your department, call EDI-USA at 215-235-4300 or contact us via email at . Our engineering department can also help customize the strips to fit on your riot shields, gas masks, or even car windows.


For additional information on the anti-laser strips provided by EDI-USA, please call 215-235-4300 or contact us for more information. Mention you are interested in ordering anti-laser strips.

The best way to stay warm outside during the cold months!

As the days grow colder, our hardworking law enforcement, security and first responder professionals are having to work outside in increasingly cold conditions. Especially in certain areas of the United States like the Northeast or the Midwest, the freeze setting in can be bone-chilling. To help you and your team stay warm and safe, EDI-USA has put together the following list of the best tactical gear for winter weather.

What tactical gear is good to wear in the cold?

The PROTEC-X Riot Helmet

The PROTEC-X Riot Helmet has thermal padding inside. Its fit is usually roomy enough to wear a balaclava underneath to keep the user warm when stationed outside for a long time. The strong face shield also helps prevent cold wind from blowing into user’s face. 

The PASGT Ballistic (III-A) Helmet with visor

The PASGT Ballistic (III-A) Helmet offers similar benefits for when user is outside. One of EDI’s riot visors can be fitted over the PAGST helmet, which will help stop cold wind from blowing into user’s face. EDI’s riot visor also has a liquid seal onto that helps reduce wind chill on the user. 

The TURBO-X Riot Suit

Turbo-X Riot Suit

With EDI’s TURBO-X Riot Suit, the user can wear thermal clothes underneath. EDI provides full gloves (with hard knuckles) for users to wear during long outdoor operations, keeping their hands warm while offering an additional layer of tactical protection. Additionally, shin guards and upper leg protection on the suit that are worn over a typical police uniform that also provides warmth for the user. 

Need quotes for your team?

Contact us today and we’ll suggest some items to help you get through the cold months! 

Have your tactical trade shows / police conferences been canceled? How to stay up-to-date with your gear!

Over the past several months, COVID-19 has caused many law enforcement industry trade shows to be canceled or held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Within the United States, this includes some of the industry’s foremost events, including: 

Across the country, law enforcement departments rely on these conferences to share and collaborate on best practices for their operations. Departments also use these events to search for updated gear ideas, in order to provide their officers with the most up-to-date tactical and protective equipment. 

While in-person industry events will have to be postponed for now, EDI-USA’s team has been working hard to create new forums for our clients to learn about the latest gear. Our goal is to make it easy for your department to stay up-to-date on the latest protective and tactical equipment available to keep you safe. 

For that reason, EDI-USA has been expanding our offerings for you to stay up-to-date with the newest gear and share best practices despite not being able to attend in-person industry conferences or events. We’ve been expanding our online presence via digital media on our Facebook Page, and you can connect with EDI-USA on LinkedIn as well.

We’ve also been noticing an uptick in online and phone inquiries. In order to facilitate the increase in demand without increasing client wait times, we’ve been investing in increasing our virtual customer support options. When you have questions, you can access EDI-USA’s virtual customer support by visiting the Customer Support page on our website. 

Additionally, some of our clients are experiencing an increased need for tactical gear that doubles as equipment to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. For that reason, we recommend the following products: 

The Protec-X Riot Helmet

This helmet has a 4mm polycarbonate visor on the front to prevent fluids from entering a user’s face.

We have also seen other users who are looking to add face shields onto their existing tactical or protective equipment. The following products from EDI-USA offer this customization:

FAST High-Cut Ballistic helmet (III-A)

Designed for high-tactical operations, EDI’s FAST High-Cut Helmet allows users to protect themselves while also being able to attach radio communication and night vision devices to the helmet. You can now attach an additional face or riot shield in the side rails as well. You can learn more about this helmet here.

Ballistic and non-ballistic visors can also be attached into our other ballistic helmets, including EDI’s MICH Helmet (III-A) and the PASGT Helmet (III-A)

As you can see, even though trade shows have been cancelled or moved to virtual trade shows, your team at EDI-USA is still working hard to help get users what they need. And while we hope that next year trade shows will return in full swing, the EDI-USA team is always ready to help law enforcement maximize their safety and preparedness in operations. 

Do you need any quotes for riot gear? Please contact us and our tactical specialists are happy to discus with you the best gear to fit your department and operations.  

Are You Prepared for an Active Shooter?

Part of EDI-USA’s Series: Are YOU Prepared For…?

An Active Shooter emergency is one that occurs unpredictably, evolves quickly, and is over within minutes or hours. That means time is of the essence when it comes to making a difference in the outcome and saving lives. Your team will want to neutralize the shooter as soon as possible, all while evacuating and protecting bystanders in as safe, orderly, and effective a manner as possible.

Whether responding to an Active Shooter emergency in the workplace, a school, a shopping center, or any other confined and populated area where an active shooter is targeting civilians, EDI’s equipment can help your team save lives, maximize their protection, and carry the day. 

Is your agency prepared for an active shooter threat? 

Responding to an active shooter incident is a tremendous responsibility for security and law enforcement. It requires careful planning, discipline, and sense of duty. With foresight and preparation, you can maximize your agency’s ability to nimbly respond to an active shooter situation, saving lives and taking control of the situation as quickly as possible.

In recent years, many law enforcement organizations have evolved to offer Active Shooter Trainings. Some of these trainings offer a collaborative approach, drawing on insights and post-hoc analyses run by other police and security agencies that have confronted an active shooter situation. This research, and the collective pool of information and strategies, can be a life-saving resource for other agencies looking to hone their own strategies and preparedness.

Developing a Tactical Playbook

When it comes to responding to an active shooter threat, it’s important for you team to put together a playbook in advance. The playbook will acquaint everyone on your team with the strategies you may draw on to respond to an active shooter situation. Running through these drills will help your team practice working together as a unit, and familiarize each team member with the roles they may play, depending on the circumstances and their positioning. 

Since the 1999 Columbine Shooting, police teams no longer wait for SWAT teams to arrive before confronting an active shooter. Borrowing tactics from infantry patrols and hostage rescue teams, police and security teams have had their roles expand into confronting active shooters. 

Since the tactics required to effectively neutralize an active shooter are drawn from a military approach, EDI’s ballistic gear can be a lifesaving asset for your team. Our lightweight, well-built gear is designed to facilitate movement, giving your officers the protection while facilitating their operations. Key products EDI recommends for all teams preparing for an active shooter situation include: 


Designed for high-tactical operations, EDI’s FAST High-Cut Helmet allows users to protect themselves while also being able to attach radio communication and night vision devices to the helmet. Tough, strong, and amazing – this helmet provides it all.

Learn more.


EDI’s rugged ballistic shields provide III-A, III, or IV ballistic protection. Available with or without lights, and compatible with FoxFury® tactical shield flashlights. Custom sizes and front inscriptions are available.

Learn more.


When you’ve taken an active shooter into custody, given the tension of the moment and the publicity the event will generate, it’s important to maintain control over the assailant and make transit to a holding cell run as quickly as possible. EDI’s handcuffs, leg restraints, and transportation systems protect your officers while giving them the tools they need to assert control over the situation.

Learn more.

Active Shooter Preparedness Plans in Your Community

Given the world we live in, it’s important for police departments and security agencies in the United States to coordinate with local businesses, school districts, and other agencies to put active shooter preparedness plans in place. Active shooter strikes occur randomly, and making sure local leaders know the drill can give peace of mind and help save lives. 

When helping local commercial centers and school district officials make their active shooter preparedness plans, some important things to cover are: 

  • Identifying escape routes, and making sure staff members know how to access them and what paths to follow
  • The importance of leaving all belongings behind
  • Strategies for sheltering-in-place 
  • How to respond when police arrive 

Staying Safe and Staying Prepared 

Since active shooter strikes occur randomly and without warning, it is important to keep your team’s skills and equipment up-to-date. Regularly run through the drills in your Tactical Playbook with your team. Check in with your community leaders about their efforts to spread the word about their Active Shooter Preparedness Plans within their places of business, schools, and other places where the public congregates. 

It is also critically important that you properly maintain the gear your officers may need in the case of an active shooting. Each of EDI’s products comes with comprehensive information on how to properly clean and store your gear. To make sure all gear remains in a condition ready for tactical operations, it’s important to assign a team member to regularly check over the gear, to make sure everything is ready and in place. EDI recommends running these gear checks monthly, as part of a routine active shooter preparedness check-in. 

The Final Word

The ability to respond effectively to an active shooter requires complex advance preparation. You will need to work with your team to develop a tactical playbook, invest in the right gear, and coordinate with community leaders and local stakeholders to ensure schools, public areas, and places of business near you have credible plans in place for an active shooter situation. 

Together, these strategies will ensure that your officers are trained and confident, and that the groundwork has been laid to maximize the effectiveness of your team’s response to an active shooter situation.

EDI salutes your hard work, and from our team to yours, offer a heartfelt thanks to the serving men and women who put their lives on the line to keep the public safe. 

Don’t let it go to your head: The best ballistic helmet for your team

Your head is the most important part of your body, which is why EDI manufactures three ballistic helmet models to offer police and military the bullet-proof protection they need. Plus as the manufacturer, EDI is able to offer helmet customizations using a variety of colors, retention systems and padding configurations. Through these customization options, we’ve been able to help police and military forces in over 40 countries around the world procure ballistic helmets that meet their exact specifications.

We’re here to help you select which helmet is right for you! Read on for EDI’s guide to each helmet’s fit and recommend usage scenarios.

The PASGT Model

Pronounced “PAS-GIT”, the PASGT helmet is the traditional ballistic helmet model that has been protecting men and women in serving forces around the world for decades. This helmet has a small “visor” above the head, and offers good ear protection. Popular among military members, the EDI’s PASGT model helmet protects up to level III-A threats. Tried and true, there’s good reason the PASGT model has been EDI’s “classic” ballistic helmet for years.

A soldier wearing a PASGT style helmet with tactical goggles.

The MICH Model

With a newer design than the PASGT model, the MICH helmet does away with the small “visor” about the head. The MICH model is compatible with side rails, a gas mask, and a front NVG mount, making it ready for tactical operations. And since the helmet dispenses with the ear protection flaps, users can easily use headphones with it.

A soldier preparing for tactical operations wearing a MICH style helmet with gas mask.

For these reasons, users tend to prefer the MICH model over the PASGT model for tactical operations. When close team cooperation and communication is required, the MICH model’s compatibility with side rails and headphones is indispensable. Hence the MICH model is especially popular with police, and with tactical military units around the world seeking to mount night-vision goggles or radios to their helmets via the siderails.

The FAST High-Cut Model

EDI’s latest ballistic helmet model, the FAST offers the user unrivaled mobility. The FAST ballistic helmet includes side rails and front NVG mount for tactical operations. Its high cut makes it particularly easy to integrate devices with these features, without compromising a user’s comfort or mobility.

Police using PASGT-style helmets with a face visor accessory for facial protection.

Unlike the PASGT, the FAST helmet’s shape does not include ear protection flaps. This makes it possible for the user to easily use headphones to stay in communication with their team. Like all of our helmets, the FAST resists up to level III-A threats, and comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

Of course if after reading this, you’d like to consult with an EDI tactical specialist to further narrow down which helmet is best for you, EDI is at your service! Contact a team member today to schedule your free consultation on which ballistic helmet is right for you.