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EDI-USA now RENTS riot gear and ballistic equipment!

Ideal for short term protection needs.

With dangerous unrest occurring around in the world and in the United States on a weekly basis, police departments and private companies have recognized a need for riot gear or bullet resistant items on a short-term basis.


Due to this need, EDI-USA has launched its RIOT GEAR RENTAL PROGRAM!

PROTEC-X Riot Helmet – For Rent!

Looking for riot gear to protect your team on a specific one-time project? Look no farther because now you can rent riot gear from EDI-USA on a short term basis! We offer high-quality rentals on select models of our riot helmets, riot suits, and certain riot shields. And for high-risk situations you can also rent ballistic helmets (tested to level III-A, ambient) and bullet resistant vests (tested to level III-A, ambient).


How does EDI’s riot gear rental program work?


Simply contact us with your event details including – the date, the location and the type of event. We will suggest a package of riot gear or ballistic equipment for you to rent, or you can also choose the individual gear that you want to rent based on your specific project.


How fast can your rental gear get to us?


We offer ground shipping, 2-day air shipping, and even overnight shipping throughout the United States for immediate situations. All orders must be placed by 12pm EST in order for your rental gear to ship out the same day.

Who rents EDI-USA’s riot gear?


Recently, we have seen many different users and projects that are requiring to rent our gear. This includes:


– News reporters and film crews that are filming on location or reporting in dangerous environments.

– Private security guards that are contracted for specific crowd-control or building guarding projects during riots or risky situations.

– Police and sheriff departments from smaller jurisdictions that want to be prepared for a one-time demonstration or protest.

External Bullet Resistant Vest (III-A) – For Rent!
High-Cut Ballistic Helmet – For Rent!

Our riot gear and ballistic equipment is rented on a weekly contract basis and it can get to you FAST! Before being sent to you, all gear is carefully inspected to make sure it’s at the quality standards valued by EDI-USA and you will have access to one of our tactical specialists by phone or email in case any last minute questions come up.


Need to rent (or purchase) riot gear or bullet resistant vests / helmets for your next event? Please CONTACT US today and we can help!

How to Choose the Right Riot Suit for Your Threat Environment

At EDI, we offer a range of products to product security professionals and police and military forces in the field. Our goal is to offer cutting-edge personal protection tailored to your threat environment. Around the world, our Riot Suits are one of our best-selling product lines. EDI currently offers two riot suits. The riot suit that will work best for you depends on the threats you’ll be facing in the field.

The PROTEC-X High Tactical Riot Suit

EDI designed our PROTEC-X suit to support police officers during major public disturbances and riots. With the PROTEC-X High Tactical Riot Suit, we offer clients a riot suit that significantly improves flexibility and maneuverability. To that end, our riot suit is 34% lighter in weight than traditional riot suits. The approximate weight for the entire suit is 6kg, offering comprehensive protection without weighing you down. For our female customers, female riot suits are available as well. Created with anti-flame fabric (PYROTEX), the PROTEC-X High Tactical Riot Suit protects the wearer against Molotov Cocktails. Additionally, its hard plates protect the wearer’s shoulders, upper body, forearms, lower back, groin and thighs from projectiles thrown by a crowd. A specialized cuff protects the wearer’s neck. To further enhance the wearer’s level of neck protection, pair the EDI PROTEC-X suit with EDI’s specialized Riot Helmet. In order to protect the wearer from stab threats, the PROTEC-X High Tactical Riot Suit offers NIJ II stab protection. For forces requiring ballistic protection, NIJ III-A ballistic plates may be inserted within the front and back chest plate for maximum protection. We’ve got your shins and knees covered as well! Specialized protection plates and knee guards provide flexibility of movement. That way you’ll experience comfort and peace of mind while kneeling or maneuvering to avoid attacks.

The TURBO-X High Tactical Riot Suit

Developed in 2017, our goal with the TURBO-X High Tactical Riot Suit is to provide a one-size-fits-all solution to departments looking to stock up on riot suits. As with the PROTEC-X High Tactical Riot Suit, the TURBO-X provides comprehensive protection for the wearer’s shoulders, front and back upper body, forearms, lower back, groin and thighs. EDI’s specialized shin and knee guards are also included, providing mobility, comfort, and protection. The difference between our TURBO-X and the PROTEC-X suits is that the TURBO-X is one-size-fits-all. Additionally, the TURBO-X is not made of flame-resistant fabric. For departments that may confront protests, yet do not face a Molotov Cocktail threat, the TURBO-X’s construction can thus offer cost savings. Furthermore, since the TURBO-X suit is one-size-fits-all, it provides a simple solution for departments looking to scale up their protest containment capacity.

Compatibilities with Other EDI Products

A riot suit only offers protection from neck to ankle. Protecting a user’s head must be taken into account as well, in addition to self-defense options. To this end, EDI recommends that its riot suits be paired with our Riot Helmets, Ballistic Helmets, Police Shields, and Police Batons.

What to Wear While Working Protests and Riots

What to Wear to Keep Your Team Safe in Protests and Riots

Protests and Riots are especially dangerous working conditions as tension can escalate quickly. As a large group assembles and emotions flare, a mob mentality may form, and people may act in a way collectively that they never would as individuals. Due to this volatile level of danger, it is crucial that you and your team are dressed properly for the occasion.

Let’s take a moment to understand how current riot control tactics were born.

The Development of Riot Control Techniques

  • The first squad trained in modern techniques of riot control was formed in 1925 in colonial Shanghai, China as a response to the mismanaged riot of the May Thirtieth Movement.
  • New policing methods, including combat pistol shooting, hand to hand combat skills, and knife fight training, were pioneered as a response to a staggering rise in armed crime in the 1920s due to a breakdown in law and order in China and the growth of organized crime and the opium trade.
  • A myriad of riot control techniques were developed which gave birth to Shanghai’s “Reserve Unit” – the first modern SWAT team.
  • The skills developed in Shanghai have been adopted and adapted by both international police forces and clandestine warfare units. These methods were then taught around the world, from the US to Singapore.

As your team prepares for upcoming protests or riots, it is very important they know what to wear to stay safe in such unstable conditions.

The proper gear can make the difference between a successful mission and grave uncertainty. The protest and riot gear that is available now is far superior to anything that was created when the initial crowd control techniques were still being developed.

Modern riot gear covers all vulnerable parts of the body to ensure that the wearer has complete protection while remaining fully functional. As the riot gear often covers the majority of the human body it is commonly referred to as a suit. It is highly recommended that you and your team wear anti-riot suits during large protest and riots.

Let’s take a look at the protection that has been designed specifically for protest and riot situations.

These Anti-Riot suites will keep your team mobile, comfortable, and protected in unstable conditions.
Anti-Riot Suites Are Designed to Protect Against:

  • Heavy blows
  • Stabbings
  • Fire / Molotov Cocktails
  • Bullets / Guns – Level III-A Ballistic Plates can be added

EDI-USA Manufactures & Distributes Anti-Riot Suits

All EDI-USA Anti-Riot Suites Include: Certified Anti-flame and NIJ 0115 Stab Resistance

    • Anti Flame Fabric
    • Full Body Coverage – Fabric, Plastic, and Polycarbonate Materials
    • Helmet with Visor
    • Chest Plate – High density ABS Material
    • Full Arm Protection
    • Hard Groin Protections
    • Full Leg Protection – Interior EVA foam for mobility / comfort
    • Full Foot Protection

*Male and Female Suites Available*

EDI-USA Riot Suit

If you would like additional guidance to decide what riot gear will be best for your necessities please contact us, we are confident that we can deliver all of your tactical customization needs.

Take a look at our full catalog to see all the gear that we can customize for you and your team.