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The PROTEC-X anti-riot suit was developed by EDI in 2016 to help police officers combat some of the most dangerous threats of unrest in the United States. As of 2017, EDI began exporting this anti-riot claim to Latin America in order to support police officers in their crowd control operations. Since EDI began exporting this anti-riot suit in 2017, it is now present in more than six (6) countries in Latin America and continues to help police officers in their operations.

Why do police officers like to wear the EDI PROTEC-X anti-riot suit?

  • Flame retardant fabric: The suit is designed with fireproof fabric to protect the user from fire threats.
  • This includes Molotov cocktails when they are thrown at police officers wearing the suit.

How do users feel while wearing the PROTEC-X suit?

  • Lightweight design: the suit is extremely lightweight and allows users to move with ease, while protecting the user.
  • The suit includes a durable hard protection around the entire body, including hard stab-resistant plates in the front and back.
  • Poorly made suits often do not balance well and do not cover the body well. With the EDI PROTEC-X suit, users will wear the suit instead of looking like the suit is “wearing” the user!

What is the end result of protecting yourself with an EDI anti-riot suit?

  • Stab-resistant NIJ II 0115 compliant plates: two (2) hard anti-stab plates to protect the user at the front and back of the suit.
  • The plates have been tested at the HP White Laboratory in the USA, and they have been tested to resist to threats up to NIJ II 0115.

It is very important that users know what to wear to stay safe in such unstable conditions. The right riot suit can make the difference between a successful mission and a great uncertainty.

Traje Antimotin PEOTEC-X parte trasera