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Finding the Right Boot For You!

Working On Your Feet Day In & Day Out Is A Constant Challenge!

Picking the right boot for you and your team is IMPORTANT!!!

The wrong footwear can destroy a mission and potential hurt you and your team.

The Human Foot is Complex Mechanism That Must Be Respected:

  • 100+ different muscles
  • 26 bones
  • 33 joints

If you are caught wearing the incorrect boots you can experience many physical ailments that can lead to poor performance at work or on a mission.

Here Are Some Examples of What Improper Footwear Can Do to You:

Tactical / Military Boots Are Highly Recommended in the Following Situations:

  • Ankles – If they are susceptible to injuries or were already injured before, combat boots will keep you well protected with added stability and support
  • The cargo you are carrying is heavy
  • You are walking challenging terrain in extreme weather conditions – Rain, Wind, Snow, Sand & more…
  • Knees – if they often bother you after hours of walking combat boots are a great support option
  • Terrain / outdoor elements – if you have any chance of encountering dangerous snakes / insects / animals, combat boots can help keep you better protected

Let’s Look at Recommendations for the Best Fit of Your Boots:

Boot Socks are a Necessity – You should always wear socks with your boots boot for the most comfortable fit. Boot socks are thicker than traditional socks and provide additional padding in the heel and toe areas. This padding reduces the luck of Causing HAVING hotspots and blisters during continued wear.

Adequate Toe Room is Essential – There should be a slight bit of room in the front of the boots to move your toes around. Your toes need adequate room because over the course of the day your feet will naturally swell.

A Secure Heel is Vital – Your boots should never feel too tight, goal should they feel snug across the width of the boot. Your heel should stay in place while you walk and not slide back and forth at all.

Take a Walk Test – You should always try wearing your new boots INITIALLY on carpet, in case you need to return or exchange them.

Popular Styles of Tactical Combat Boots:

  • Desert Boots
  • Jungle Patrol Boots
  • Urban Patrol Boots
  • Cold Weather Boots
  • Fight Boots

EDI-USA Manufactures the Military Boots You Need!

EDI manufacturer’s extremely durable and rugged boots used for urban patrol operations, as well as jungle and military patrol. Boots are produced with genuine high-grain cow leather, and most boots include a use life guarantee for 12-14 months.

EDI-USA- Tactical Boots

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EDI-USA- Ships World Wide

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