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Information to Help be Prepared Against Active Shooters in Schools and Universities

This blog aims to provide information for faculty, staff, students, and visitors of schools and university campuses on how to help be better prepared for an active shooter or an act of terror in a school or university setting.

An active shooter is a person or persons who appear to be actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people and in most cases are bearing a firearm. The number of mass shootings has increased significantly in the last two decades, Texas alone had eight mass shootings in the past 13 years. Many school districts across the nation either don’t have an active shooting plan or produced insufficient ones.

Active shooter situations are dynamic and evolve rapidly. They demand an immediate response by the community along with the immediate deployment of public safety to prevent/stop the shooting and limit harm to the community. At EDI-USA we are fully committed to the protection of our children and our communities in our beloved nation at all costs!


Schools and universities should stay protected and mitigate the risks against active shooters or acts of terror via different adequate strategies. These strategies should include training mechanisms, communication plans and mandatory drills for the faculty, staff, and students to be prepared to deal with the situation with the appropriate protocols. Also ensuring the schools and universities are well equipped with protective gear and having security professionals on the ground can significantly increase the chances of survival. And finally, by securing or limiting the buildings entrances and exits.

EDI offers state of the art products that could help mitigate the risks against active shooters and protect your children and loved ones in these difficult situations. From bullet proof helmets that are light weight and come in different sizes and a variety of colors, bullet resistant vests, bullet resistant panels/backpack inserts, and ballistic shields, to gas masks in case of acts of terror. We pride ourselves at assisting communities and police forces across the United States and internationally with our amazing and trusted range of products.

EDI works closely with end users in schools and universities to customize items based on their specific requirements and needs. From campus police departments to school resource officers, EDI-USA remains a resource for security professionals in schools and universities to rely on. Whether this is writing custom wording on the fronts of ballistic shields, or inscribing customized logos on bulletproof helmets, EDI always takes the extra step to communicate with customers to make sure they are overly satisfied with our products.

To help stay prepared during active shooter situations, EDI-USA typically provides the below products on a standard basis to campus security and campus police departments:

Ballistic Helmets

Our selection of III-A ballistic helmets (bullet-resistant helmets) and ballistic face masks are strong and designed for head and face protection. We offer 4 different models: The PASGT HELMET (III-A), The MICH (ACH) HELMET, The MICH (ACH) HELMET (III-A) – with side rails and front mount and the HIGH-CUT HELMET (III-A).

Ballistic Shields

Our collection of tactical ballistic shields offers vital protection to the user during times of civil unrest or the event of an active shooter and even personal protection. These ballistic shields are designed to meet levels: III-A, III, and IV specifications and are very strong. Contact us today for any questions you may have about our tactical ballistic shields, or if you need help selecting a model that’s right for you.

Gas Masks

Browse our collection of tactical gas masks and filters that are designed for law enforcement and military agencies. These gas masks are built for quality so that the user can protect themselves from various particles and gases during times of civil unrest or acts of terror.

Bullet Resistant Vests

We also offer a great range of bullet resistant vests that could keep the wearer’s torso protected in case of active shooters or in different dangerous stations.

For more information about our range of products please reach out to us via e-mail at or over the telephone on +1 215-235-4300 and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.