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EDI-USA Gives Back: Supporting First Responders Children’s Foundation!


During the month of June of 2021, a portion of all proceeds from EDI-USA’s body armor and protective equipment will be donated to First Responder Children’s Foundation.


For nearly 20 years, First Responders Children’s Foundation has been a driving force in helping families of first responders by providing college scholarships to children of first responders who have lost a parent in the line of duty.


For 30 days in June, EDI-USA will donate 25% of all net proceeds of our body armor and protective equipment to First Responders Children’s Foundation to help families and children of first responders in need.

First Responders Children’s Foundation works directly with first responder families, including thousands of law enforcement families across the United States and is committed to helping those in need.

Quick Facts about First Responders Children’s Foundation:

  • All scholarships awarded by the Foundation are given to children of first responders.
  • COVID-19 Grants: Since March 2020, over 9,431 grants have been given to first responders. 27% of which went directly to firefighters, EMTs and paramedics, 23% to police officers, 16% to 911 dispatchers, and 34% to nurses and medical personnel.
  • Paid for over 236 funerals of first responders who died of COVID-19 and in the line of duty
  • Distributed more than 875,000 hospital grade masks to first responder agencies
  • Distributed over 500,000 free toys to children in first responder communities in 346 cities across the United States as part of the Foundation’s Toy Express Program.

For more information on EDI-USA’s donation campaign for First Responders Children’s Foundation during the month of June, please contact us at 215-235-4300 or

To get involved in First Responders Children’s Foundation or to request assistance from the Foundation, please contact or visit them online at You can also follow the Foundation on their social media handle @1stRCF .

Need to purchase any protective equipment for your team? We are fully stocked with strong ballistic helmets, riot helmets, riot suits, riot shields, and much more! Please contact us for an immediate quote.


And to all of those who serve, thank YOU for your service!


Lasers: The New Threat To Law Enforcement & How To Stop Them

Security personnel are always on their toes. Now, law enforcement and other first responders are facing a new threat: handheld lasers blinding the eyes of officers during their operations.

What are handheld lasers?

Handheld lasers are electronic devices that are easily bought in many stores, as well as online. The lasers are usually small and will emit a bright laser shining light when a button is pressed by the combatant. Most lasers currently used to distract and blind police are primary nuisance blue and green color, and they can run on batteries to last for a very long time without needing to be replaced or recharged.

Due to the small, yet powerful, size of the laser devices, they can easily be concealed or discarded by perpetrators very quickly. Perpetrators will shine then and they will go through the visors of officers’ riot helmets or riot shields.

What harm are handheld lasers causing to police and other law enforcement workers?

During security operations, combatants point powerful handheld lasers into the eyes of police officers through the visors of their riot helmets, which have many harmful affects. Such adverse affects include:

– Temporary blindness so that the officer cannot see the operational security situation they are working in during the time of laser emittance.
– Becoming severely distracted so that combatants can harm the officer, or harm the officer’s teammates or other innocent bystanders.
– Distracting the officer in order to commit criminal acts in the operational situation.
– Cause short and long-term health affects not only to the officer’s eyes, but also other parts of his or her body, as well as mental trauma.

How do officers stay safe from handheld lasers?

That’s a good question, and it’s a tough one.

Currently there are very few solutions on the market which will protect officers from combatants with handheld lasers. Since most riot helmets and riot shields are clear, lasers can be shined right into the eyes of officers without any protection.

To help protect officers, EDI-USA provides anti-laser strips that help deflect handheld lasers. Manufactured with durable PVC material, these anti-laser strips protect up to 200-540nm of primary nuisance blue and green lasers. Currently, most handheld lasers emit a frequency of 532nm, so these strips will help keep officers safe for the majority oflasers currently being shined into officers eyes under 540mm.

How do the anti-laser strips work?

Simply take the strip out of its packaging and apply it to the visor of the riot helmet or riot visor that attaches onto a ballistic helmet. The strip will stick automatically and can be removed (without leaving any sticky adhesive residue). Larger anti-laser strips are also available to apply to riot shields, and strips can be produced in custom sizes for specific operations. These anti-laser strips are literally helping save officers around the country during very dangerous situations.

Our department needs anti-laser strips ASAP. How do we get them?

Very limited stocks of anti-laser strips are available that are being held for law enforcement and security personnel use ONLY.

To order anti-laser strips for your department, call EDI-USA at 215-235-4300 or contact us via email at . Our engineering department can also help customize the strips to fit on your riot shields, gas masks, or even car windows.


For additional information on the anti-laser strips provided by EDI-USA, please call 215-235-4300 or contact us for more information. Mention you are interested in ordering anti-laser strips.

International Public Safety Association Conference

International Public Safety Association – Washington DC – November 2018


Hello Everyone!

Recently we attended the IPSA or International Public Safety Association annual conference in Washington DC last month and it was an amazing experience!

Most attendees were first responders (Police, EMT, Firefighters) and there were many seminars conducted that outlined best practices for traumatic scenarios.

Here is some quick info on the IPSA Group:

  • Established in July 2014 in the State of Arizona
  • Non-profit public safety association – represents all public safety verticals:
    • law enforcement
    • Fire service
    • EMS
    • Public works
    • Public health
    • Hospitals
    • Security
    • Emergency management
  • The Mission is to break down the cultural barriers and foster the relationships between EMS, fire, law enforcement, telecommunicators, allied emergency responders, and the communities they serve.

This event brought people from all over the globe to include visitors from the USA, Europe, Asia, and South America. It was wonderful to hear about the different tools and tactics used in the industry around the world.

Our table was getting a lot of attention as we debuted our Ballistic T-Shirt to the attendees. Everyone was very excited to see this product because it is strong enough to stop a .44 mag bullet but also very thin and lightweight, so much so that no one can tell you are wearing body armor.

Take a look at this product below:


Ballistic T-Shirt

  • Level III-A to protect up to .44mag
  • Ballistic panels (III-A)
  • approximately 5mm in thickness
  • Front & back protection.
  • Available in white & black

If you have any questions for us about this product please contact us!

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The next event for the IPSA is June 2019 in Mesa Arizona, read more about it here.

Don’t Forget! EDI-USA Specializes in Riot Gear!

Take a look at our catalog and please never hesitate to contact us, we enjoy helping our costumers select the best gear for their specific needs.


The PROTEC-X anti-riot suit was developed by EDI in 2016 to help police officers combat some of the most dangerous threats of unrest in the United States. As of 2017, EDI began exporting this anti-riot claim to Latin America in order to support police officers in their crowd control operations. Since EDI began exporting this anti-riot suit in 2017, it is now present in more than six (6) countries in Latin America and continues to help police officers in their operations.

Why do police officers like to wear the EDI PROTEC-X anti-riot suit?

  • Flame retardant fabric: The suit is designed with fireproof fabric to protect the user from fire threats.
  • This includes Molotov cocktails when they are thrown at police officers wearing the suit.

How do users feel while wearing the PROTEC-X suit?

  • Lightweight design: the suit is extremely lightweight and allows users to move with ease, while protecting the user.
  • The suit includes a durable hard protection around the entire body, including hard stab-resistant plates in the front and back.
  • Poorly made suits often do not balance well and do not cover the body well. With the EDI PROTEC-X suit, users will wear the suit instead of looking like the suit is “wearing” the user!

What is the end result of protecting yourself with an EDI anti-riot suit?

  • Stab-resistant NIJ II 0115 compliant plates: two (2) hard anti-stab plates to protect the user at the front and back of the suit.
  • The plates have been tested at the HP White Laboratory in the USA, and they have been tested to resist to threats up to NIJ II 0115.

It is very important that users know what to wear to stay safe in such unstable conditions. The right riot suit can make the difference between a successful mission and a great uncertainty.

Traje Antimotin PEOTEC-X parte trasera