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Information to Help be Prepared Against Active Shooters in Schools and Universities

This blog aims to provide information for faculty, staff, students, and visitors of schools and university campuses on how to help be better prepared for an active shooter or an act of terror in a school or university setting.

An active shooter is a person or persons who appear to be actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people and in most cases are bearing a firearm. The number of mass shootings has increased significantly in the last two decades, Texas alone had eight mass shootings in the past 13 years. Many school districts across the nation either don’t have an active shooting plan or produced insufficient ones.

Active shooter situations are dynamic and evolve rapidly. They demand an immediate response by the community along with the immediate deployment of public safety to prevent/stop the shooting and limit harm to the community. At EDI-USA we are fully committed to the protection of our children and our communities in our beloved nation at all costs!


Schools and universities should stay protected and mitigate the risks against active shooters or acts of terror via different adequate strategies. These strategies should include training mechanisms, communication plans and mandatory drills for the faculty, staff, and students to be prepared to deal with the situation with the appropriate protocols. Also ensuring the schools and universities are well equipped with protective gear and having security professionals on the ground can significantly increase the chances of survival. And finally, by securing or limiting the buildings entrances and exits.

EDI offers state of the art products that could help mitigate the risks against active shooters and protect your children and loved ones in these difficult situations. From bullet proof helmets that are light weight and come in different sizes and a variety of colors, bullet resistant vests, bullet resistant panels/backpack inserts, and ballistic shields, to gas masks in case of acts of terror. We pride ourselves at assisting communities and police forces across the United States and internationally with our amazing and trusted range of products.

EDI works closely with end users in schools and universities to customize items based on their specific requirements and needs. From campus police departments to school resource officers, EDI-USA remains a resource for security professionals in schools and universities to rely on. Whether this is writing custom wording on the fronts of ballistic shields, or inscribing customized logos on bulletproof helmets, EDI always takes the extra step to communicate with customers to make sure they are overly satisfied with our products.

To help stay prepared during active shooter situations, EDI-USA typically provides the below products on a standard basis to campus security and campus police departments:

Ballistic Helmets

Our selection of III-A ballistic helmets (bullet-resistant helmets) and ballistic face masks are strong and designed for head and face protection. We offer 4 different models: The PASGT HELMET (III-A), The MICH (ACH) HELMET, The MICH (ACH) HELMET (III-A) – with side rails and front mount and the HIGH-CUT HELMET (III-A).

Ballistic Shields

Our collection of tactical ballistic shields offers vital protection to the user during times of civil unrest or the event of an active shooter and even personal protection. These ballistic shields are designed to meet levels: III-A, III, and IV specifications and are very strong. Contact us today for any questions you may have about our tactical ballistic shields, or if you need help selecting a model that’s right for you.

Gas Masks

Browse our collection of tactical gas masks and filters that are designed for law enforcement and military agencies. These gas masks are built for quality so that the user can protect themselves from various particles and gases during times of civil unrest or acts of terror.

Bullet Resistant Vests

We also offer a great range of bullet resistant vests that could keep the wearer’s torso protected in case of active shooters or in different dangerous stations.

For more information about our range of products please reach out to us via e-mail at or over the telephone on +1 215-235-4300 and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.

EDI Wraps up a Great Fall 2022 Season of National and International Trade Shows

With Trade Shows being back in 2022 and things going back to normal – in person – after the COVID-19 pandemic. EDI is back in full swing showcasing our great arsenal of products, from ballistic helmets, bulletproof vests, and gas masks to riot gear, accessories, apparel, and ballistic shields. EDI’s team of sales and tactical experts traveled nationally and internationally to exhibit at several trade shows this fall, demonstrating the best technologies and developments in protective gear on the market today.


Here are some of the trade shows we hit this fall and the industry insights we gleaned for police, law enforcement and corrections officers:


The International Defense Industry Exhibition – MSPO (Warsaw, Poland, September 2022)

EDI’s team of experts started off with the International Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO in Poland, which is the largest trade fair event dedicated to military equipment in central and eastern Europe. With the ongoing Russia / Ukraine war, and rising number of orders and interest in our products from this region, we felt the need to be there and directly interact with our customers where future EDI technologies can address their needs on the ground and on the front lines. We’ve also had the opportunity to showcase our top-of-the-line products, and customers have specifically shown interest in our bullet resistant vests and gas masks.



Association of the United States Army – AUSA (Washington, DC, October 2022)

EDI’s team also made an appearance at the annual meeting at the Association of the United States Army AUSA in Washington DC, which is the largest land power exposition and professional development forum in North America, designed to deliver the Army’s message by highlighting the capabilities of organizations and presenting a wide range of industry products and services. The attendees which include Regular Army, Guard, Reserve, civilians, and family members were particularly interested in EDI’s great range of ballistic helmets.



International Association of Chiefs of Police – IACP (Dallas, Texas, October 2022)

This fall we also sent out our team of experts to the International Association of Chiefs of Police IACP held in Dallas, Texas this year. Being one of the most important industry events, attracting attendees from all corners of the world with its forums shaping and discussing the agenda in the field for the next year and reflecting on all the events that happened in the last few years. EDI and the team were happy and excited to be back – we were last there in 2019 – to catch up and collaborate with our partners and clients from across the USA and around the world. There was a great deal of interest in EDI’s plethora of products in the Riot Gear and Ballistic Shields categories.



EDI’s upcoming trade shows in 2023


The EDI team was very busy connecting and reconnecting with our respected partners and clients for the fall season of 2022, they remain excited for the future and the upcoming trade shows and events planned for 2023 and beyond.


We look forward to supporting the industry and our clients with the best equipment and technologies available.


Next up: Shot Show 2023 (Las Vegas) and IDEX 2023 (Abu Dhabi). See you there!


Ballistic Shields – Are They Worth the Investment?

The concept of a shield has been a mainstay of warriors for hundreds of years. While modern projectile weapons are significantly more advanced than the spears and arrows of ancient times, the design and material of ballistic shields mean they are still a very effective tool for delivering a tactical advantage during active shooter situations.

Keep reading to learn more about bulletproof shields and how they protect and save lives.

What is a Ballistic Shield?

Ballistic shields or “bulletproof shields” provide mobile defensive cover for law enforcement or security forces during an active shooter incident or other dangerous situation. Their primary purpose is to stop bullets and other weaponized projectiles from penetrating the shield and injuring or killing the person using the shield.

Personal ballistic shields protect security personnel, SWAT teams, and law enforcement and help bring dangerous situations to a swift end without injury or loss of life. They are often used in drug house raids, high-risk search warrants, active shooter incidents (including in schools), and violent riots, just to name a few.

It is very common these days for police and other law enforcement officers to keep a shield in their patrol vehicle, in case a life-threatening situation comes up during their line of work.

Are Ballistic Shields Bulletproof?

A ballistic shield is a critical tool that can help keep their users alive when facing deadly force. As ballistic technology has advanced, many modifications have been added over the years to ensure their effectiveness.

Ballistic shields differ from clear plastic riot shields as they are usually black, rectangular, and include a built-in viewport. Like the rest of the shield, the ballistic viewport must offer ballistic protection, which is why they are manufactured with clear ballistic-level polycarbonate. Although nothing is guaranteed to be 100% bulletproof, ballistic shields will significantly help to reduce bodily injury or death if shot at while using one, similarly to using bullet-resistant vests or ballistic helmets.

The last 20 years have seen more than a few significant developments in ballistic shield technology, with different models having various pros and cons when used to counter specific threats. In addition, ballistic shields are a lot more lightweight and easier to handle than previous models over the past years.

Armor ratings of Bulletproof Shields:

Ballistic shields are rated according to the protection level they provide against different weapon grades.

  • Ballistic Armor Level III-A: protects against 9 mm handgun rounds, handgun rounds up to .44 magnum. and 12 gauge shotgun shells, including .357sig. They can be made from hard or soft armor. This is undoubtedly the most common level requested in most ballistic shields used by law enforcement. These shields are very lightweight and easy to carry or move around.


  • Ballistic Armor Level III: protects against rifle rounds up to 7.62 mm FMJ and 5.56mm, a mass of 147 grains, and a velocity of 2780 fts/s. These shields are very popular among law enforcement, school safety officers and other situations where rifles may be present. Most sizes of these shields can be moved easily (without the need of a trolley) and are being used more and more as active shooter situations tend to use more rifle ammunition than handgun ammunition.


  • Ballistic Armor Level IV: protects against armor-piercing (AP) rifle rounds such as 7.62 AP and .30. Although law enforcement does use this level of shield occasionally, it is extremely heavy and requires a trolley to be moved around. Therefore, most law enforcement professionals will tend to opt for a level IIIA or level III ballistic shield, given that AP rounds historically tend to not be used as much during active shooter situations.

The right ballistic shield for the situation can make all the difference in a deadly standoff. Lightweight shields are highly maneuverable. A heavy shield will increase the level of protection while sacrificing speed and movement. Heavier shields also come with a higher price tag than their lightweight counterparts.

Types of Ballistic Shields

A variety of ballistic shields are available to suit a range of different scenarios. A SWAT ballistic shield is a lightweight, multipurpose shield tested to armor level III-A. It’s lightweight and comes with a horizontal handlebar and body strap to ensure personnel maintain maneuverability with a high degree of protection.

The foldable and expandable tactical ballistic shield adapts to the situation with an optional lighting system and expanding wings that fan out to create a wider field of protection. When personnel enter confined spaces, the wings will quickly fold back in, making this shield one of the most versatile on the market.

But at the end of the day, the most popular type of ballistic shield is the standard rectangle cut ballistic shield, with ballistic viewport, available in levels III-A, III, or IV. This shield is lightweight, flexible, and reliable – it’s one of the most popular ballistic shield for law enforcement operations or active shooter situations.

Technological advancements have made ballistic shields lightweight and bulletproof against a wide variety of firearms. Whether you are looking for extra protection at home, or need to prepare your security force against deadly encounters, ballistic shields are an invaluable tool for bringing dangerous situations to a quick and decisive end.

Don’t Delay – Order Your Department A Ballistic Shield Today!

With active shooter situations occurring more and more on a daily basis around the United States, law enforcement departments are realizing the importance to keep a variety of body armor – particularly ballistic shields in stock. Whether in their storeroom, vehicle, or other storage area – it’s important to always have a ballistic shield available in case of an active shooter situation.

ExecDefense USA manufactures a range of strong and durable ballistic shields. Please contact us today and one of our ballistic shield specialists will get back to you with a custom quote.

Need to order a standard ballistic shield ASAP? Please visit our dealer website HERE and you can order your ballistic shield FAST & EASY!




Make Sure Your Canine Is Protected! Body Armor for Dogs.

Police dogs (K9’s) are brave companions that regularly and selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to protect their human officers and do what they cannot, such as use their sensitive noses to sniff out the trail of a fugitive or missing person, locate explosives, narcotics, and weapons, and take point to make sure an area is safe.

There are thousands of dollars’ worth of training invested in police dogs, but they are also caring and loyal animals that deserve our respect and protection. This is why we at ExecDefense believe a bulletproof vest for dogs is a worthwhile investment.

Keep reading to learn more about how body armor for dogs has a critical role in law enforcement, and can help save your K9 during dangerous and life-threatening situations.

Why is a Bulletproof Vest for Dogs Important?

These days, most departments around America are fortunate enough to have bullet-resistant vests, and ballistic helmets for their offices.  But unfortunately, many police dogs (K9’s) aren’t sufficiently protected with body armor.

There are many situations where police dogs will be in more danger than their human counterparts, as they are often sent in as scouts to ensure an area is safe. Unlike human officers, police dogs have only their teeth and claws as weapons. In situations with active shooters, officers have a lot of body armor, including bullet-resistant vests, ballistic helmets, ballistic shields. Why shouldn’t dogs be protected with K-9 body armor as well?

While they are capable fighters, they are no match for speeding bullets and are vulnerable to stabbing weapons. A lightweight dog protection vest can provide a high level of protection that will improve a trained police dog’s ability to bring down an attacker without suffering an injury.

Do Police Dogs Need a K9 Bulletproof Vest?

At ExecDefense, we believe that every police dog out in the field deserves to be protected like human officers. Police dogs often need to get up close and personal with an attacker to help make an area safe.

A trained dog won’t think twice about taking on an armed attacker with little regard for its own safety. This characteristic of police dogs sometimes makes them even more vulnerable to injury than human officers – all the reason why canine body armor is so important.

Police dogs perform valuable roles that often save lives and protect people from harm. A K9 bulletproof vest will more than pay for itself when you consider the amount of training that goes into creating a capable police dog that is an expert at its job. Not only is it the right thing to do, but body armor for dogs is a wise investment that will help more police dogs live to their retirement.

How Much Protection Does Body Armor for Dogs Provide?

In 2020, the lives of a staggering 22 canine officers were lost in the line of duty. A K-9 bulletproof vest can protect a dog from many harmful scenarios, including gunshots, explosives, stab wounds, kicks, punches, and blunt force trauma.

Even during riots or public disturbances, when officers are protected with riot gear – such riot helmets, riot suits, and riot shields – many support operations require canines, and it is important they can remain safe and protected with a strong resistant vest for dogs.

Selecting the Right Bulletproof Vest for A Dog

Canine (K9) bulletproof vests are available in a range of designs, materials, and levels of protection, such as NIJ level II and NIJ level III-A, but the vests must be lightweight, cool, and comfortable for the dog.

ExecDefense’s high-durability canine bullet-resistant vest is available in black, green, or tan, and comes in small, medium, or large. Customization is available to include velcro patches, permanent badges, or any other personalization required by you or your department / agency.

A huge advantage of ExecDefense’s bullet-resistant vest for dogs is how lightweight they are. Each vest must provide a high level of protection without impeding the dog’s agility. If a vest slows a dog down, it becomes vulnerable, making the vest a struggle for operations. This is why we use a very lightweight armoring technology in our K-9 vests to enables the dog’s full range of motion so they can do their job unhindered. This allows the canine to conduct its operations in a healthy, and effective way, with a minimal amount of exhaustion during working hours.

How to Buy A Bulletproof Vest for Your Canine (K-9) Dog?

Over the past year, demand has been very high for canine vests. Thankfully, ExecDefense manufactures K-9 body armor fast, and at an affordable price.

Please contact us, and one of our tactical specialists with years of experience will suggest the best type of vest for your trustworthy canine.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Act now and request a quotation – man’s best friend depends on it!

Prefer to contact us by phone? Please call: 1-215-235-4300 and ask to speak with someone about our canine (K-9) bulletproof vests.

EDI-USA Gives Back: Supporting First Responders Children’s Foundation!


During the month of June of 2021, a portion of all proceeds from EDI-USA’s body armor and protective equipment will be donated to First Responder Children’s Foundation.


For nearly 20 years, First Responders Children’s Foundation has been a driving force in helping families of first responders by providing college scholarships to children of first responders who have lost a parent in the line of duty.


For 30 days in June, EDI-USA will donate 25% of all net proceeds of our body armor and protective equipment to First Responders Children’s Foundation to help families and children of first responders in need.

First Responders Children’s Foundation works directly with first responder families, including thousands of law enforcement families across the United States and is committed to helping those in need.

Quick Facts about First Responders Children’s Foundation:

  • All scholarships awarded by the Foundation are given to children of first responders.
  • COVID-19 Grants: Since March 2020, over 9,431 grants have been given to first responders. 27% of which went directly to firefighters, EMTs and paramedics, 23% to police officers, 16% to 911 dispatchers, and 34% to nurses and medical personnel.
  • Paid for over 236 funerals of first responders who died of COVID-19 and in the line of duty
  • Distributed more than 875,000 hospital grade masks to first responder agencies
  • Distributed over 500,000 free toys to children in first responder communities in 346 cities across the United States as part of the Foundation’s Toy Express Program.

For more information on EDI-USA’s donation campaign for First Responders Children’s Foundation during the month of June, please contact us at 215-235-4300 or

To get involved in First Responders Children’s Foundation or to request assistance from the Foundation, please contact or visit them online at You can also follow the Foundation on their social media handle @1stRCF .

Need to purchase any protective equipment for your team? We are fully stocked with strong ballistic helmets, riot helmets, riot suits, riot shields, and much more! Please contact us for an immediate quote.


And to all of those who serve, thank YOU for your service!


Lasers: The New Threat To Law Enforcement & How To Stop Them

Security personnel are always on their toes. Now, law enforcement and other first responders are facing a new threat: handheld lasers blinding the eyes of officers during their operations.

What are handheld lasers?

Handheld lasers are electronic devices that are easily bought in many stores, as well as online. The lasers are usually small and will emit a bright laser shining light when a button is pressed by the combatant. Most lasers currently used to distract and blind police are primary nuisance blue and green color, and they can run on batteries to last for a very long time without needing to be replaced or recharged.

Due to the small, yet powerful, size of the laser devices, they can easily be concealed or discarded by perpetrators very quickly. Perpetrators will shine then and they will go through the visors of officers’ riot helmets or riot shields.

What harm are handheld lasers causing to police and other law enforcement workers?

During security operations, combatants point powerful handheld lasers into the eyes of police officers through the visors of their riot helmets, which have many harmful affects. Such adverse affects include:

– Temporary blindness so that the officer cannot see the operational security situation they are working in during the time of laser emittance.
– Becoming severely distracted so that combatants can harm the officer, or harm the officer’s teammates or other innocent bystanders.
– Distracting the officer in order to commit criminal acts in the operational situation.
– Cause short and long-term health affects not only to the officer’s eyes, but also other parts of his or her body, as well as mental trauma.

How do officers stay safe from handheld lasers?

That’s a good question, and it’s a tough one.

Currently there are very few solutions on the market which will protect officers from combatants with handheld lasers. Since most riot helmets and riot shields are clear, lasers can be shined right into the eyes of officers without any protection.

To help protect officers, EDI-USA provides anti-laser strips that help deflect handheld lasers. Manufactured with durable PVC material, these anti-laser strips protect up to 200-540nm of primary nuisance blue and green lasers. Currently, most handheld lasers emit a frequency of 532nm, so these strips will help keep officers safe for the majority oflasers currently being shined into officers eyes under 540mm.

How do the anti-laser strips work?

Simply take the strip out of its packaging and apply it to the visor of the riot helmet or riot visor that attaches onto a ballistic helmet. The strip will stick automatically and can be removed (without leaving any sticky adhesive residue). Larger anti-laser strips are also available to apply to riot shields, and strips can be produced in custom sizes for specific operations. These anti-laser strips are literally helping save officers around the country during very dangerous situations.

Our department needs anti-laser strips ASAP. How do we get them?

Very limited stocks of anti-laser strips are available that are being held for law enforcement and security personnel use ONLY.

To order anti-laser strips for your department, call EDI-USA at 215-235-4300 or contact us via email at . Our engineering department can also help customize the strips to fit on your riot shields, gas masks, or even car windows.


For additional information on the anti-laser strips provided by EDI-USA, please call 215-235-4300 or contact us for more information. Mention you are interested in ordering anti-laser strips.

International Public Safety Association Conference

International Public Safety Association – Washington DC – November 2018


Hello Everyone!

Recently we attended the IPSA or International Public Safety Association annual conference in Washington DC last month and it was an amazing experience!

Most attendees were first responders (Police, EMT, Firefighters) and there were many seminars conducted that outlined best practices for traumatic scenarios.

Here is some quick info on the IPSA Group:

  • Established in July 2014 in the State of Arizona
  • Non-profit public safety association – represents all public safety verticals:
    • law enforcement
    • Fire service
    • EMS
    • Public works
    • Public health
    • Hospitals
    • Security
    • Emergency management
  • The Mission is to break down the cultural barriers and foster the relationships between EMS, fire, law enforcement, telecommunicators, allied emergency responders, and the communities they serve.

This event brought people from all over the globe to include visitors from the USA, Europe, Asia, and South America. It was wonderful to hear about the different tools and tactics used in the industry around the world.

Our table was getting a lot of attention as we debuted our Ballistic T-Shirt to the attendees. Everyone was very excited to see this product because it is strong enough to stop a .44 mag bullet but also very thin and lightweight, so much so that no one can tell you are wearing body armor.

Take a look at this product below:


Ballistic T-Shirt

  • Level III-A to protect up to .44mag
  • Ballistic panels (III-A)
  • approximately 5mm in thickness
  • Front & back protection.
  • Available in white & black

If you have any questions for us about this product please contact us!

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The next event for the IPSA is June 2019 in Mesa Arizona, read more about it here.

Don’t Forget! EDI-USA Specializes in Riot Gear!

Take a look at our catalog and please never hesitate to contact us, we enjoy helping our costumers select the best gear for their specific needs.


The PROTEC-X anti-riot suit was developed by EDI in 2016 to help police officers combat some of the most dangerous threats of unrest in the United States. As of 2017, EDI began exporting this anti-riot claim to Latin America in order to support police officers in their crowd control operations. Since EDI began exporting this anti-riot suit in 2017, it is now present in more than six (6) countries in Latin America and continues to help police officers in their operations.

Why do police officers like to wear the EDI PROTEC-X anti-riot suit?

  • Flame retardant fabric: The suit is designed with fireproof fabric to protect the user from fire threats.
  • This includes Molotov cocktails when they are thrown at police officers wearing the suit.

How do users feel while wearing the PROTEC-X suit?

  • Lightweight design: the suit is extremely lightweight and allows users to move with ease, while protecting the user.
  • The suit includes a durable hard protection around the entire body, including hard stab-resistant plates in the front and back.
  • Poorly made suits often do not balance well and do not cover the body well. With the EDI PROTEC-X suit, users will wear the suit instead of looking like the suit is “wearing” the user!

What is the end result of protecting yourself with an EDI anti-riot suit?

  • Stab-resistant NIJ II 0115 compliant plates: two (2) hard anti-stab plates to protect the user at the front and back of the suit.
  • The plates have been tested at the HP White Laboratory in the USA, and they have been tested to resist to threats up to NIJ II 0115.

It is very important that users know what to wear to stay safe in such unstable conditions. The right riot suit can make the difference between a successful mission and a great uncertainty.

Traje Antimotin PEOTEC-X parte trasera