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Shipping Ballistics Gear to Latin America from the USA

EDI-USA supports Police, Military and private security teams across Latin America

Here at EDI-USA we manufacture and supply the very best quality North American-made gear to almost every country in Latin America. More than half of our tactical and ballistic equipment is sent to Central and South America from the USA. Our mission is to assure that you and your team are prepared for any and all obstacles at work and make it home safely to your families each night.

We are extremely proud to have grown considerably in the Latin America market over the past 10 years and attribute this, in part, to our speciality in customization including logos imprints on items and specific sizes, labels, colors and patterns on the fabric or the products. To assure that the ordering and shipping processes are simple and seamless for our customers, we stay up to date on all local and regional shipping regulations for each country in Latin America.