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The Crucial Role of Riot Helmets for Police, Sheriff and Corrections

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing world, law enforcement agencies face numerous challenges in maintaining order and ensuring public safety. Among the essential tools at their disposal are riot helmets, which play a crucial role in protecting police officers during potentially volatile situations.


Riot helmets serve as a vital component of police officers’ personal protective equipment (PPE), offering critical head and face protection in riotous or confrontational scenarios. These helmets are specifically designed to withstand various hazards encountered during civil unrest, including thrown projectiles, chemical irritants, and physical assaults. By providing a physical barrier, riot helmets reduce the risk of head injuries, skull fractures, and lacerations, thereby ensuring officers can perform their duties with confidence and minimal risk to their well-being.


ExecDefense USA manufactured several types of riot helmets for different applications.


Our PROTEC-X Riot Helmet is one of our most popular riot helmets for anti-riot operations. Paired with our TURBO-X Riot Suit, this helmet is strong, secure, and tested to NIJ 0104.02 anti-impact standards. It includes a strong neck guard to help protect against neck threats, an the thick visor also includes a fluid guard to help protect against the entrance of liquids or bodily fluids that may be thrown at an officer wearing the riot helmet.


Riot helmets not only provide physical protection but also exert a psychological impact on both law enforcement personnel and the public. When officers wear riot helmets, it sends a clear visual message that they are prepared to maintain order and respond to potential threats. This visible deterrent effect can dissuade individuals from engaging in violent or disruptive behavior, helping to de-escalate tense situations before they spiral out of control. By projecting an image of authority and readiness, riot helmets contribute to a sense of security and discourage the escalation of violence.


One of ExecDefense helmets that is popular for high-tactical riot operations is our TERMINATOR-X Riot Helmet. This helmet is equipped with a strong steel face cage to help reduce the impact of blunt objects to the face, and it also includes a strong fluid guard gasket on the top of the visor. The neck protector is removable (for easy cleaning) and the visor is standardly treated with an anti-fog treatment. This helmet is popular to be paired with the ExecDefense PROTEC-X gas mask (front face style) along with EDI’s RUB-X Riot Shield.


Public trust and confidence in law enforcement are paramount for effective community policing. Riot helmets play a role in preserving this trust by ensuring that officers can effectively perform their duties while minimizing personal harm. When the public witnesses police officers equipped with protective gear, it conveys a sense of professionalism and commitment to public safety. By prioritizing officer safety, riot helmets underscore the principle that law enforcement agencies value the well-being of their personnel, further enhancing public trust and cooperation.


Although riot helmets are an essential part to an officer’s gear bag, it’s important that riot helmets are used in conjunction with other protective equipment to help ensure officer safety. Riot suits, riot shields, and batons, are just the basics. If there are more intense crowd control operations, then gas masks, handcuffs, and other tools may be required.


Need help procuring riot gear for your police  / sheriff department, or correctional facility? Please contact us today and one of our tactical gear specialists can help suggest items to help your team stay protected when it matters most.

EDI-USA now RENTS riot gear and ballistic equipment!

Ideal for short term protection needs.

With dangerous unrest occurring around in the world and in the United States on a weekly basis, police departments and private companies have recognized a need for riot gear or bullet resistant items on a short-term basis.


Due to this need, EDI-USA has launched its RIOT GEAR RENTAL PROGRAM!

PROTEC-X Riot Helmet – For Rent!

Looking for riot gear to protect your team on a specific one-time project? Look no farther because now you can rent riot gear from EDI-USA on a short term basis! We offer high-quality rentals on select models of our riot helmets, riot suits, and certain riot shields. And for high-risk situations you can also rent ballistic helmets (tested to level III-A, ambient) and bullet resistant vests (tested to level III-A, ambient).


How does EDI’s riot gear rental program work?


Simply contact us with your event details including – the date, the location and the type of event. We will suggest a package of riot gear or ballistic equipment for you to rent, or you can also choose the individual gear that you want to rent based on your specific project.


How fast can your rental gear get to us?


We offer ground shipping, 2-day air shipping, and even overnight shipping throughout the United States for immediate situations. All orders must be placed by 12pm EST in order for your rental gear to ship out the same day.

Who rents EDI-USA’s riot gear?


Recently, we have seen many different users and projects that are requiring to rent our gear. This includes:


– News reporters and film crews that are filming on location or reporting in dangerous environments.

– Private security guards that are contracted for specific crowd-control or building guarding projects during riots or risky situations.

– Police and sheriff departments from smaller jurisdictions that want to be prepared for a one-time demonstration or protest.

External Bullet Resistant Vest (III-A) – For Rent!
High-Cut Ballistic Helmet – For Rent!

Our riot gear and ballistic equipment is rented on a weekly contract basis and it can get to you FAST! Before being sent to you, all gear is carefully inspected to make sure it’s at the quality standards valued by EDI-USA and you will have access to one of our tactical specialists by phone or email in case any last minute questions come up.


Need to rent (or purchase) riot gear or bullet resistant vests / helmets for your next event? Please CONTACT US today and we can help!

Lasers: The New Threat To Law Enforcement & How To Stop Them

Security personnel are always on their toes. Now, law enforcement and other first responders are facing a new threat: handheld lasers blinding the eyes of officers during their operations.

What are handheld lasers?

Handheld lasers are electronic devices that are easily bought in many stores, as well as online. The lasers are usually small and will emit a bright laser shining light when a button is pressed by the combatant. Most lasers currently used to distract and blind police are primary nuisance blue and green color, and they can run on batteries to last for a very long time without needing to be replaced or recharged.

Due to the small, yet powerful, size of the laser devices, they can easily be concealed or discarded by perpetrators very quickly. Perpetrators will shine then and they will go through the visors of officers’ riot helmets or riot shields.

What harm are handheld lasers causing to police and other law enforcement workers?

During security operations, combatants point powerful handheld lasers into the eyes of police officers through the visors of their riot helmets, which have many harmful affects. Such adverse affects include:

– Temporary blindness so that the officer cannot see the operational security situation they are working in during the time of laser emittance.
– Becoming severely distracted so that combatants can harm the officer, or harm the officer’s teammates or other innocent bystanders.
– Distracting the officer in order to commit criminal acts in the operational situation.
– Cause short and long-term health affects not only to the officer’s eyes, but also other parts of his or her body, as well as mental trauma.

How do officers stay safe from handheld lasers?

That’s a good question, and it’s a tough one.

Currently there are very few solutions on the market which will protect officers from combatants with handheld lasers. Since most riot helmets and riot shields are clear, lasers can be shined right into the eyes of officers without any protection.

To help protect officers, EDI-USA provides anti-laser strips that help deflect handheld lasers. Manufactured with durable PVC material, these anti-laser strips protect up to 200-540nm of primary nuisance blue and green lasers. Currently, most handheld lasers emit a frequency of 532nm, so these strips will help keep officers safe for the majority oflasers currently being shined into officers eyes under 540mm.

How do the anti-laser strips work?

Simply take the strip out of its packaging and apply it to the visor of the riot helmet or riot visor that attaches onto a ballistic helmet. The strip will stick automatically and can be removed (without leaving any sticky adhesive residue). Larger anti-laser strips are also available to apply to riot shields, and strips can be produced in custom sizes for specific operations. These anti-laser strips are literally helping save officers around the country during very dangerous situations.

Our department needs anti-laser strips ASAP. How do we get them?

Very limited stocks of anti-laser strips are available that are being held for law enforcement and security personnel use ONLY.

To order anti-laser strips for your department, call EDI-USA at 215-235-4300 or contact us via email at . Our engineering department can also help customize the strips to fit on your riot shields, gas masks, or even car windows.


For additional information on the anti-laser strips provided by EDI-USA, please call 215-235-4300 or contact us for more information. Mention you are interested in ordering anti-laser strips.

The best way to stay warm outside during the cold months!

As the days grow colder, our hardworking law enforcement, security and first responder professionals are having to work outside in increasingly cold conditions. Especially in certain areas of the United States like the Northeast or the Midwest, the freeze setting in can be bone-chilling. To help you and your team stay warm and safe, EDI-USA has put together the following list of the best tactical gear for winter weather.

What tactical gear is good to wear in the cold?

The PROTEC-X Riot Helmet

The PROTEC-X Riot Helmet has thermal padding inside. Its fit is usually roomy enough to wear a balaclava underneath to keep the user warm when stationed outside for a long time. The strong face shield also helps prevent cold wind from blowing into user’s face. 

The PASGT Ballistic (III-A) Helmet with visor

The PASGT Ballistic (III-A) Helmet offers similar benefits for when user is outside. One of EDI’s riot visors can be fitted over the PAGST helmet, which will help stop cold wind from blowing into user’s face. EDI’s riot visor also has a liquid seal onto that helps reduce wind chill on the user. 

The TURBO-X Riot Suit

Turbo-X Riot Suit

With EDI’s TURBO-X Riot Suit, the user can wear thermal clothes underneath. EDI provides full gloves (with hard knuckles) for users to wear during long outdoor operations, keeping their hands warm while offering an additional layer of tactical protection. Additionally, shin guards and upper leg protection on the suit that are worn over a typical police uniform that also provides warmth for the user. 

Need quotes for your team?

Contact us today and we’ll suggest some items to help you get through the cold months! 

Have your tactical trade shows / police conferences been canceled? How to stay up-to-date with your gear!

Over the past several months, COVID-19 has caused many law enforcement industry trade shows to be canceled or held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Within the United States, this includes some of the industry’s foremost events, including: 

Across the country, law enforcement departments rely on these conferences to share and collaborate on best practices for their operations. Departments also use these events to search for updated gear ideas, in order to provide their officers with the most up-to-date tactical and protective equipment. 

While in-person industry events will have to be postponed for now, EDI-USA’s team has been working hard to create new forums for our clients to learn about the latest gear. Our goal is to make it easy for your department to stay up-to-date on the latest protective and tactical equipment available to keep you safe. 

For that reason, EDI-USA has been expanding our offerings for you to stay up-to-date with the newest gear and share best practices despite not being able to attend in-person industry conferences or events. We’ve been expanding our online presence via digital media on our Facebook Page, and you can connect with EDI-USA on LinkedIn as well.

We’ve also been noticing an uptick in online and phone inquiries. In order to facilitate the increase in demand without increasing client wait times, we’ve been investing in increasing our virtual customer support options. When you have questions, you can access EDI-USA’s virtual customer support by visiting the Customer Support page on our website. 

Additionally, some of our clients are experiencing an increased need for tactical gear that doubles as equipment to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. For that reason, we recommend the following products: 

The Protec-X Riot Helmet

This helmet has a 4mm polycarbonate visor on the front to prevent fluids from entering a user’s face.

We have also seen other users who are looking to add face shields onto their existing tactical or protective equipment. The following products from EDI-USA offer this customization:

FAST High-Cut Ballistic helmet (III-A)

Designed for high-tactical operations, EDI’s FAST High-Cut Helmet allows users to protect themselves while also being able to attach radio communication and night vision devices to the helmet. You can now attach an additional face or riot shield in the side rails as well. You can learn more about this helmet here.

Ballistic and non-ballistic visors can also be attached into our other ballistic helmets, including EDI’s MICH Helmet (III-A) and the PASGT Helmet (III-A)

As you can see, even though trade shows have been cancelled or moved to virtual trade shows, your team at EDI-USA is still working hard to help get users what they need. And while we hope that next year trade shows will return in full swing, the EDI-USA team is always ready to help law enforcement maximize their safety and preparedness in operations. 

Do you need any quotes for riot gear? Please contact us and our tactical specialists are happy to discus with you the best gear to fit your department and operations.  

8 tips to help YOU choose the right RIOT HELMET size

Are you ready to find the perfect fit RIOT HELMET? In today’s environment, it is important to be protected, but it is even MORE important to make sure you and your team’s protective gear fits correctly. Protective garments that do not fit correctly can expose users to risks, as well as be uncomfortable for long operations. Check out some tips below to make sure you choose the right sized riot helmets for you and your team.

1. Determine who will be the users of the riot helmets. 

Are you buying a riot helmet just for yourself, or for your whole team? It’s important to know exactly who will be using the riot helmet in order to size them correctly. Questions such as height, head size, gender, and body stature are all important when determining the users of a specific riot helmet.

Does your team usually switch out riot helmets frequently? If so, a one-size-fits-all helmet helmet like EDI’s TERMINATOR-X Riot Helmet may be a good option. But if your team keeps helmets individually and has a diverse head size then a multi-size helmet such as EDI’s PROTEC-X Riot Helmet may be the best option. 

EDI’s tactical specialists are happy to discuss this with you and make suggestions about sizing. Contact us for advising today.

2. Pinpoint where and how the riot helmet will be used. 

Is your primary operation in street riots? Are you regularly deployed to contain prison riots? Will your riot helmet be used for barrier guarding operations (BGOs)? It is important to determine in which environments your riot helmets may be used in order to choose the right size.

Some helmets like EDI’s TERMINATOR-X Riot Helmet are designed with a steel face cage primarily for prison extraction operations and are meant to be very tight. On the other hand, EDI’s Bubble Riot Helmet is designed for gas mask use for street protest operations and should fit a bit roomier. Make sure to discuss with your riot helmet provider before placing an order of helmets to make sure they can be used well in the desired applications. 

3. Determine how frequently you will use your riot helmet. 

Some departments, need to dress up in their riot gear every week (or day), whereas other departments may only need to use their riot gear once or twice a year. If you’ll be putting on and taking off your riot helmet on a daily basis, you may want to choose a helmet that has a more universal fit such as EDI’s Mini Bubble Riot Helmet or TERMINATOR-X Riot Helmet.

Additionally, if you are using a riot helmet along with a riot suit, such as EDI’s universal fit TURBO-X Riot Suit, then you may want to also opt for a universal fit riot helmet. 

4. Will you keep your riot helmet if you switch positions? 

What will happen to your riot helmet if you switch positions within your department and you no longer need to use it? For smaller departments with limited budgets or grant funding the riot helmet may need to be re-used. In situations like this, it’s important to keep in mind whether a multi-size helmet such as EDI’s PROTEC-X Riot Helmet should be ordered, or if a universal sized riot helmet may be a better long-term option for your department. 

EDI Terminator-X Riot Helmet

5. What is the climate where the riot helmet will be used? 

Less of a question pertaining to sizing, but an important topic nonetheless. Does your riot helmet offer anti-fog treatment on the visor such as EDI’s PROTEC-X Riot Helmet? Does it have proper ventilation holes on the back? Will you be wearing a thermal balaclava underneath the riot helmet?

All of these question should be carefully considered before choosing the riot helmet model that fits you best. EDI’s tactical specialists are here to help discuss this with you via email or phone. 

6. What happens when you receive a riot helmet, and it doesn’t fit someone on your team (or yourself)? 

No need to panic. There are many options to resolve a loose, or tight, helmet. Firstly, if the helmet is too loose, you can try adjusting the inner chin strap to make it tighter. All of EDI’s Riot Helmets are equipped with strong non-rust buckles and durable nylon suspension straps in order to adjust the helmet to the user’s head.

If the helmet is too tight, try also adjusting the straps to be looser, or even removing the rubber chin cup all together.

You can always call or email an EDI tactical specialist to discuss sizing and see what can be done to ensure that the correct helmet can fit the correct user. 

7. Request a T&E (testing and evaluation) sample. 

Any reputable riot gear / riot helmet supplier should always have a set-aside stock of samples to send out to departments to try and test out. This is the best option to try on a riot helmet for you and your team before making a department-wide purchase.

EDI proudly provides T&E samples to departments across the United States and internationally in order to make sure police departments are 100% confident in their sizing decisions before placing an order. 

8. When should I start thinking about procuring riot helmets for my department and thinking about sizing? 

In today’s environment riot gear providers are working overtime to help make sure security personnel can stay protected in all environments – whether in cities, rural environments, correctional centers, parks, sporting events, and many other situations.

It’s important not to delay critical equipment purchases such as riot helmetsriot shields, or riot suits; or even ballistic gear such as ballistic helmets and ballistic shields. If budget is a challenge, then contact your riot gear provider to learn about programs and grants that can assist you in getting the gear your team deserves.

EDI’s specialists are happy to guide you to a list of grants which have helped many departments previously. Please contact us today, and one of our tactical specialists will get back to you immediately.  

And please, STAY SAFE.  

The Advantages of Different Styles of Riot Helmets for Certain Operations

Summer is breakout season for protests and riots, which means it’s more important than ever for police and security professionals to have the right gear on hand for protecting their most important asset: your head. For years, EDI’s riot helmets have served the needs of police and security professionals around the world. This guide will help you choose which of EDI’s riot helmets is best for your operation. 

A Range of Styles

To keep police and security professionals safe during protests and riots, in addition to our ballistic helmets line, EDI manufactures 5 different styles of riot helmets. This range of options enables EDI’s riot helmet line to meet the needs of police and security professionals facing various climates and different types of riot situations. 

Customization Options

To further meets your needs, as the manufacturer, EDI offers you the ability to tailor your riot helmet to your team’s unique specifications. We will customize the color to your specification, and offer our helmets in either glossy or matte finishes. Our team of tactical specialists will also work with your team to customize to your specification the helmet’s visor style, harness style, and interior padding configuration. We can even add an optional inscription, screenprinting your force’s name or an optional logo on your helmet. 

Certain police forces require customization and special colors / logos on the outside of their riot helmets, such as the special number decals and yellow lines shown here.

Our Riot Helmet Styles

The PROTEC-X Riot Helmet: Traditional and Utilitarian 

The PROTEC-X is the traditional riot helmet. It is optimal for standard riot operations where the user’s head must be fully covered. The PROTEC-X’s full coverage offers comprehensive protection from projectiles and other threats the officer may face during a riot situation. The PROTEC-X’s visor offers full coverage for the eyes, and a tight seal around the top of the visor helps prevent liquids and gas from seeping in between the visor and the helmet shell. 

EDI’s PROTEC-X Riot Helmet, available in 54 colors. Pictured here in matte finish; also available in glossy.

Because of its full-coverage protection, EDI’s PROTEC-X Riot Helmet is popular for city operations where high-density protests may be expected. The PROTEC-X riot helmet is also popular with rural units, as the PROTEC-X’s comprehensive protection and utilitarian features make it ideal as a one-size-fits-all solution for unexpected protests. 

For those in hot climates, a popular option is to customize EDI’s PROTEC-X Riot Helmet by tinting the visor. The tinted visors thus offer sun protection in the field, in addition to insulating the wearer from tear gas and projectiles. 

EDI’s Riot Gear Set: Our TURBO-X Riot Suit paired with our PROTEC-X Riot Helmet.

Because of its traditionalism and utilitarianism, the PROTEC-X has been one of EDI’s most popular helmets for both domestic and export sales for 5 years running. Wearers often use it in conjunction with the PROTEC-X Riot Shield and the PROTEC-X Riot Suit

The TERMINATOR-X Riot Helmet: For Stronger Face Protection 

This model offers ideal protection for riot situations when the officer may expect protestors to throw heavy objects at its users. The TERMINATOR-X riot helmet offers stronger face protection than the PROTEC-X Riot Helmet. With the TERMINATOR-X Riot Helmet, a heavy-duty face cage layered over the outside of the visor. This face cage shields the visor against impacts that might otherwise cause the visor to shatter. The result is that the face cage further insulates the wearer from blunt force trauma, attacks, and collisions with heavy-duty projectiles. 

EDI’s TERMINATOR-X Riot Helmet, featuring a face cage that enhances the visor’s durability and provides enhanced protection for the wearer’s face.

The TERMINATOR-X’s face cage protection likewise makes it ideal during prisoner transport. Specifically, our clients have found EDI’s TERMINATOR-X face cage protection especially useful during cell extraction activities. For this reason, EDI’s TERMINATOR-X Riot Helmet has found a home in hundreds of prisons around the world. 

A common customization requested is to add anti-fog treatment to the inside of the visor. This helps prevent the TERMINATOR-X’s visor from fogging up during operations. EDI is happy to work with our clients to meet this specification upon request. 

The Bubble Riot Helmet: For Enhanced Gas and Smoke Protection 

Our latest Riot Helmet style, EDI’s Bubble Riot Helmet is popular with police and security professionals who are exposed frequently to tear gas and other smoke elements. What makes the Bubble Riot Helmet unique is the “bubble” shape of its visor. Because the visor protrudes outwardly, this makes it easy to layer a gas mask underneath. 

Side view of the EDI Mini Bubble Riot Helmet. The “Bubble” shape of the visors makes it easy and comfortable for the user to wear a gas mask beneath the visor.

Because of the ability to easily layer a gas mask under the visor, EDI’s Bubble Riot Helmet is most popular in urban environment riot situations where tear gas is more frequently deployed. 

To help customize the Bubble Helmet further to your needs, EDI offers two different options for the thickness of the Bubble Helmet’s visor. This enables your team to select the thickness of your visor based on the unique threat environment you anticipate in the field. If you wish to seek enhanced protection against heavy projectiles thrown at officers, the thicker visor will best serve your needs. If your primary concern is protecting officers from tear gas and other liquids, the thinner visor will meet your needs. 

The Mini Bubble helmet, pictured above, is less bulky than the traditional Bubble style, making it optimal for tactical operations.

Additionally, EDI’s Bubble Helmet comes in two different styles. EDI’s Bubble Mini Riot Helmet is less bulky than the traditional Bubble style, making it perfect for tactical operations or when officers need to move very quickly.

Schedule Your Free Tactical Gear Consultation

In any case, the EDI’s tactical specialists are always standing by to help you further narrow down your options! If after reading this, you’d like to consult with an EDI tactical specialist to further identify which helmet is best for you, EDI is at your service. Contact a team member today to schedule your free consultation on which riot helmet is right for you.