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How Goggles & Gas Masks Can Save Your Team

How Goggles & Gas Masks Can Save Your Team

How Goggles & Gas Masks Can Save Your Team

There are certain items that a department may decide to do without.

Tactical googles and gas masks are great examples of these precautionary tools that are often deemed not entirely necessary.

Today I am here to convince you why these items are necessary and can save your team from unnecessary health damage and even possible death.

Lets start with the googles. A soldier / officer is completely useless without his vision so why wouldn’t you spend the couple of extra dollars to ensure his effectiveness?

Lets look at some facts about soldiers vision in active scenarios!

  • About 15% of injuries from battlefield trauma are to the eyes.
  • In just the wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq, Military personnel suffered more than 200,000 eye-related injuries.
  • About 75% of military personnel suffering traumatic brain injury also have eyesight problems.
  • Approximately 70% of our total sensory awareness comes from sight, making vision the most critical of the five senses, especially in combat conditions.

As you can see from the above taking care of your eyes is a vital duty that every team captain should consider because a mission’s success relies on the health and functionality of your teams most important assets – your men!

If you are worried that ballistic googles may be too militant and your team may not need such a high level of protection, you should absolutely consider ballistic glasses as opposed to the googles as they are lighter weight and more versatile. Look at what EDI-USA has to offer below.

  • Reliable and Secure. Manufactured with durable polycarbonate (PC) and TPU lenses.
  • All of EDI’s ballistic goggles include anti-wind, anti-scratch, and anti-fog technology.
  • Lenses are manufactured in clear, yellow, grey and black.
  • The majority of EDI’s goggles comply with ANSI fragmentation standards, and are produced with durable elastic adjustable straps.
  • Goggles can be sold in kits to include goggle case, cleaning cloth, and extra lenses as required.

EDI-USA Googles

Next item that we must talk about today is Gas Masks!

North America seems to be having a heavy drug crisis that has only gotten worse in the last decade. Many officers are experiencing sudden and accidental overdoses when they enter homes of drug dealers because of a strong substance called fentanyl. With one breath an officer can easily overdose and put his body in a total state of shock, as these instances are happening more often police and military departments are realizing the need for gas masks for their personnel. Lets not forget how important gas masks are in active combat situations, if soldiers breath without proper protection they could be dead in minutes. Look at the gas masks EDI-USA offers below. We customize to your needs and will be willing to help you specialize a mask that is best suited for your teams’ exact needs, please feel free to contact us for any questions!

  • EDI manufactures standard gas mask filters and MIL-SPEC complaint gas mask filters.
  • All filters include active carbon 270g with a screw top, and last between 30 – 40 minutes.
  • Protect against tear gas, toxic smoke and other TIM’s.
  • Gas masks are compatible with the majority of EDI’s riot helmets.

EDI-USA Gask Mask

Now that you understand the risks that police and military encounter I’m sure you have decided it’s time to consider properly outfitting the team with quality protective gear for their eyes and lungs. Please contact us for your questions about our products, we can help you make the best decision when ordering for the squad.

One last thing, don’t forget! We deliver world wide!