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EDI-USA great range of Riot Helmets and Riot Suits

EDI-USA offers a great range of quality products designed for security professionals, police and military forces in the field. Our goal is to offer cutting-edge personal protection tailored to your threat environment. Around the world, our riot helmets and riot suits are one of our best-selling product lines. EDI-USA currently offers a range of and five riot helmets to choose from depending on the threats your team will be facing on the field.


Police and security professionals need to have the right gear on hand to protect their heads and bodies when it comes to riots and protests. For years, EDI-USA’s riot helmets and suits have served the needs of police and security professionals around the world. Comfort, customization, adaptability, durability and the levels of protection provided are all important factors to be considered when choosing the right riot/protective gear for your team. This guide will help you choose which of EDI-USA’s riot helmets and riot suits, that is best for your operation depending on the threats you’ll be facing in the field.




Designed for when things get tough, the TERMINATOR-X Riot Helmet provides full head protection with an added steel face cage (face bars) securely attached to the front visor. This monster helmet provides hard anti-riot protection, and the strong steel face cage helps protect the user even more from anti-impact threats. The helmet includes de-attachable back-of-neck guard that can be removed for cleaning or replaced if needed. Also included is a free storage dust bag.

Sizes: 1-Size Fits All – Internal head adjustment band included. No need to waste time sorting through sizes during emergency situations.

This TERMINATOR-X Riot Helmet continues to be an EDI-USA favorite for years. Perfect for police riot helmet protection, as well as corrections / prison operations.


Manufactured with durable polycarbonate, EDI’s PROTEC-X Riot Helmet allows users to maintain maximum control during anti-riot operations. The helmet shell is strong and tested to NIJ 0104.02 anti-impact standards, along with additional anti-impact testing. The helmet’s visor is transparent and thick, and can be worn up, down, or partially up/down. This PROTEC-X Riot Helmet includes fixed back-of-neck guard and includes a durable storage bag.

One of our most popular Riot Helmets, our PROTEC-X Riot Helmet will keep you safe in the toughest riot situations.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL


This durable helmet includes an extra-long face visor to protect users from various frontal threats. The helmet shell is manufactured of strong plastic composites and has a raised upper back-part of the top of the helmet shell.

Sizes: 1-size fits all.



Equipped with a bubble-style visor to allow ample space between the user’s face and the visor, this helmet is a favorite to be used with gas masks.

The bubble riot helmet Includes ear holes, neck protection, and multiple visor positions. It is slightly larger than our mini-bubble riot helmet.

Sizes: 1-size fits all


Also equipped with a bubble-style visor, this helmet is smaller than the standard bubble riot helmet to allow it to fit tightly to user’s heads. It is compatible with most gas masks and is ideal for situations where the user needs high mobility.

Sizes: 1-size fits all

*All our helmets:

  • Can be equipped with tinted or black visors to disguise the identity of the user and to improve vision during sunny days.
  • Are manufactured with hard foam, soft cushion foam, and can be customized with additional EVA for maximum impact protection.
  • Are available in glossy or matte black. Tested to NIJ 0104.02 standards
  • Customized colors available for special orders.
  • include a quick-release button for fast removal of the helmet.

*Need help deciding which model is best for your team? Please contact us at: 215-235-4300 or via web and one of our riot specialists is happy to help you.

*Are you law enforcement? contact us to receive a free T&E sample to try out.

*Need anti-laser strips for your riot helmets? We’ve got you covered! Please contact us and we are happy to help!

EDI-USA provides ANTI-LASER STRIPS that help deflect handheld lasers. Manufactured with durable PVC material, these anti-laser strips protect up to 200-540nm of primary nuisance blue and green lasers. Currently, most handheld lasers emit a frequency of 532nm, so these strips will help keep you and your team stay safe from most lasers under 540nm.


As for our range of riot suits, we’ve got two great options:


One of the best riot control suits available on the market, EDI’s TURBO-X Riot Suit provides it all for when you need to be protected the most.

A trusted suit by law enforcement for years, this 1-size fits all riot suit protects up to NIJ level 1 stab-proof resistance (on the front & back) and is coated with a layer of flame retardant treatment. It is strong, lightweight, and designed to give the user maximum control during anti-riot and civil unrest operations.

Designed for maximum mobility, the TURBO-X Riot Suit is one of law enforcement’s favorite riot suits to combat riot operations. The suit provides front, back, upper arm, lower arm, groin, thigh, leg, shin, lower leg, and foot protection.

What’s included?

  • Full front, back, shoulder, upper arm, lower arm, groin, thigh, knee, shin, leg, and foot protection.
  • Durable & strong tactical carry bag (black)
  • Half gloves with a hard palm

This suit is available with level III-A ballistic plates inserted within the front and back. (Customized production)


EDI’s newest riot suit protecting up to level NIJ II stab-proof resistance. Available with or without flame retardant fabric. The PROTEC-X suit has been one of EDI-USA’s best sellers over the past year and is one of the most comprehensive suits available.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

ANTI-STAB (LEVEL II): Equipped with front and back anti-stab plates (4mm in thickness) tested in accordance with NIJ 0115 anti-stab level II standards.

ANTI-FLAME FABRIC (Optional): Suit shell is available to be manufactured with PYROTX anti-flame fabric to resist Molotov cocktails and other flame threats.

HARD GROIN PROTECTION: Suit is manufactured with removable groin cup for durable protection.

STRONG LEG PROTECTION: Includes durable plastic knee, and shin protection, with extra interior EVA foam for maximum mobility & comfort.

Tactical carry bag (backpack) included with this model.


*Please contact us with any questions or for any price quotes. Custom inscriptions are available for special order on the front & back of suits.

*Are you law enforcement? Please contact us to request a free T&E sample to try out.