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We Customize for You!

We Customize for You!

We Customize for You!

EDI-USA fully customizes tactical, ballistics, and military gear. Personalize your team’s equipment with custom logos, patterns, colors and more.

EDI-USA Fully Customizes Tactical Ballistics Gear for Your Team.

For those of us working in dangerous conditions day in and day out, it is crucial that all tactical equipment is the correct size, fit, color, and material type for the job at hand.

EDI-USA takes great pride in working closely with our clients to produce completely personalized products that keep their employees comfortable and safe.

Every work force has special needs for their equipment that may be the physical look of the gear such as the size, colors, logos, lettering, labels or patterns or the physical demands of the equipment such as ballistic tolerance, anti-stabbing technology and job specific armor.

WIth over 10 years of product customization experience, EDI-USA is ready and capable to personalize all of your tactical gear.

Take a look at the below list to see the most common customization requests. There is no order too small or large to be customized, so don’t hesitate to contact us and get your order started.

EDI-USA Customizes Tactical Gear In The Following Areas:

  • Sizes: Does your team require special sizing or optimal options for women? We can help. If necessary we can even make prototypes and samples until the absolute correct fit is achieved.
  • Logos, Lettering and Badges: Do you want your uniforms or ballistic gear to display a personal name, company logo, or even unit name? It is important that your team can quickly identify each other in active duty to avoid making mistakes that may be critical. Help your team stay focused by having all of your gear properly inscribed.
  • Labels: Make custom labels for your gear to enforce your team’s identity
  • Colors and Patterns: Personalize all equipment with custom colors and patterns so your team members can easily identify each other in the field based off of the color of their gear.
  • Ballistic and Knife Protection Levels: Do you need armor specialized to certain ballistic levels, edged blade protection, or even armor with a specialized dual purpose? EDI-USA will work with you to make the exact equipment that your team needs to stay safe in the field.

Our Customers Come First

If there was something that we didn’t mention that your team is in need of please contact us, we are confident that we can satisfy all of your tactical customization needs. We have native level speakers of many languages to include Spanish, French, Portuguese, English and more, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Take a look at our full catalog to see all the gear that we can customize for you and the team.