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EDI-USA offers some of the best Gas Masks on the market!

A gas mask is an air purifying respiratory protective equipment used to protect the wearer from inhaling airborne pollutants and toxic gases. The mask forms a sealed cover over the nose and mouth but may also covers the eyes and other vulnerable soft tissues of the face. A modern mask typically is constructed of an elastic polymer in various sizes. It is fitted with various adjustable straps which may be tightened to secure a good fit. Crucially, it is connected to a filter cartridge near the mouth either directly, or via a flexible hose.

Modern day Police and military forces use gas masks for a variety of reasons, mainly to protect themselves from airborne toxins and gases. For example, police forces here in the USA use gas mask for protection against drug particles during drug raids. Gas masks are also used during riots to protect the wear from tear gas and other toxins.

At EDI-USA we manufacture a great range of gas masks and filters for replacement to make sure your team stays protected on the ground when situations get tough!


One of EDI-USA® ’s most popular masks, the PROTEC-X Gas Mask includes a single front-mounted filter that is ideal for use under most anti-riot helmets. See spec sheet for full protection specifications of filter.

Sizes: 1-size fits all (Includes adjustable head straps)

“1 filter included for free!”


EDI-USA® ’s Fresh Tac Gas Mask is equipped with two double-side filters to allow smooth and obstructed breathing. See spec sheet for full protection specifications of filter.

Sizes: 1-size fits all (Includes adjustable head straps)

“1 filter included for free!”


Threaded to 40mm thread, our gas mask replacement filters fit all our EDI-USA gas masks, as well as other brand gas masks threaded to 40mm.

Resisting a range of toxic chemicals and other civil chemicals (such as pepper spray and CS tear gas), our gas mask filters are lightweight, durable and will keep you protected from harmful elements.

Our filters are sold in packs of four (4).


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Lasers: The New Threat To Law Enforcement & How To Stop Them

Security personnel are always on their toes. Now, law enforcement and other first responders are facing a new threat: handheld lasers blinding the eyes of officers during their operations.

What are handheld lasers?

Handheld lasers are electronic devices that are easily bought in many stores, as well as online. The lasers are usually small and will emit a bright laser shining light when a button is pressed by the combatant. Most lasers currently used to distract and blind police are primary nuisance blue and green color, and they can run on batteries to last for a very long time without needing to be replaced or recharged.

Due to the small, yet powerful, size of the laser devices, they can easily be concealed or discarded by perpetrators very quickly. Perpetrators will shine then and they will go through the visors of officers’ riot helmets or riot shields.

What harm are handheld lasers causing to police and other law enforcement workers?

During security operations, combatants point powerful handheld lasers into the eyes of police officers through the visors of their riot helmets, which have many harmful affects. Such adverse affects include:

– Temporary blindness so that the officer cannot see the operational security situation they are working in during the time of laser emittance.
– Becoming severely distracted so that combatants can harm the officer, or harm the officer’s teammates or other innocent bystanders.
– Distracting the officer in order to commit criminal acts in the operational situation.
– Cause short and long-term health affects not only to the officer’s eyes, but also other parts of his or her body, as well as mental trauma.

How do officers stay safe from handheld lasers?

That’s a good question, and it’s a tough one.

Currently there are very few solutions on the market which will protect officers from combatants with handheld lasers. Since most riot helmets and riot shields are clear, lasers can be shined right into the eyes of officers without any protection.

To help protect officers, EDI-USA provides anti-laser strips that help deflect handheld lasers. Manufactured with durable PVC material, these anti-laser strips protect up to 200-540nm of primary nuisance blue and green lasers. Currently, most handheld lasers emit a frequency of 532nm, so these strips will help keep officers safe for the majority oflasers currently being shined into officers eyes under 540mm.

How do the anti-laser strips work?

Simply take the strip out of its packaging and apply it to the visor of the riot helmet or riot visor that attaches onto a ballistic helmet. The strip will stick automatically and can be removed (without leaving any sticky adhesive residue). Larger anti-laser strips are also available to apply to riot shields, and strips can be produced in custom sizes for specific operations. These anti-laser strips are literally helping save officers around the country during very dangerous situations.

Our department needs anti-laser strips ASAP. How do we get them?

Very limited stocks of anti-laser strips are available that are being held for law enforcement and security personnel use ONLY.

To order anti-laser strips for your department, call EDI-USA at 215-235-4300 or contact us via email at . Our engineering department can also help customize the strips to fit on your riot shields, gas masks, or even car windows.


For additional information on the anti-laser strips provided by EDI-USA, please call 215-235-4300 or contact us for more information. Mention you are interested in ordering anti-laser strips.


Given the prevalent use in our current world of Riot Control Agents (RCAs), by rioters and defenders alike, top-notch face masks are essential for elite riot control forces. These often invisible RCAs can be used by forces to disperse a crowd that could be protesting or rioting, or even to clear a building. More and more often, they may also be used by rioters against law enforcement defenders. All of these chemicals can rapidly produce sensory irritation or disabling physical effects which persist up to 2 hours following the termination of exposure. 

To protect your forces, you must have the best gas mask you can purchase. EDI steps into this breach, quickly manufacturing and delivering the high-quality PROTEC-X GAS MASKS you need to protect your forces at an affordable price.


The PROTEC-X Gas Mask from EDI-USA.

At EDI, we offer a range of products to security professionals and police and military forces in the field. Our goal is to offer cutting-edge personal protection tailored to your threat environment. Around the world, our PROTEC-X GAS MASKS are one of our best-selling product lines. They fly out of our production facility because they are a comprehensive solution to tactical respiratory protection during the roughest riot operations.


Each of our gas masks is cut to maximize its compatibility with EDI’s line of riot helmets. In particular, our PROTEC-X gas mask includes a single front-mounted filter and a cut that is ideal for use under most riot helmets. This compatibility ensures your forces will be protected, providing the comprehensive coverage riot police in the field require during a protest or riot situation. For further protection, check out EDI’s line of riot suits and riot shields.


All of our gas masks are one-size-fits-all, ensuring maximum compatibility for all forces while minimizing the cost of equipping your team. Manufactured with extra-tight silicone that bonds tightly to users’ faces to ensure their safety, each mask includes a single front-mounted filter ideal for use under most international-sized anti-riot helmets.

The mask is available in a side-centered or double-eyed version, has 5 silicone straps with a durable conjoiner at the back of the head, and has a 5-year shelf life. They are each resistant to certain germs, toxic fog and smoke, certain radioactive dust, particle gasaloid, and CS gas.

Filter specifications for EDI’s gas mask filters.

For those seeking a double-filtered model, we also offer the FreshTac Gask Mask, which is equipped with double-side filters to facilitate smooth and unobstructed breathing.


Be aware that even our amazingly successful Protec-X masks only offer protection for various airborne gases and pathogens. To fully protect your security forces select from the helmets, batons, riot suits and ballistic vests in our full catalog.