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The best way to stay warm outside during the cold months!

The best way to stay warm outside during the cold months!

As the days grow colder, our hardworking law enforcement, security and first responder professionals are having to work outside in increasingly cold conditions. Especially in certain areas of the United States like the Northeast or the Midwest, the freeze setting in can be bone-chilling. To help you and your team stay warm and safe, EDI-USA has put together the following list of the best tactical gear for winter weather.

What tactical gear is good to wear in the cold?

The PROTEC-X Riot Helmet

The PROTEC-X Riot Helmet has thermal padding inside. Its fit is usually roomy enough to wear a balaclava underneath to keep the user warm when stationed outside for a long time. The strong face shield also helps prevent cold wind from blowing into user’s face. 

The PASGT Ballistic (III-A) Helmet with visor

The PASGT Ballistic (III-A) Helmet offers similar benefits for when user is outside. One of EDI’s riot visors can be fitted over the PAGST helmet, which will help stop cold wind from blowing into user’s face. EDI’s riot visor also has a liquid seal onto that helps reduce wind chill on the user. 

The TURBO-X Riot Suit

Turbo-X Riot Suit

With EDI’s TURBO-X Riot Suit, the user can wear thermal clothes underneath. EDI provides full gloves (with hard knuckles) for users to wear during long outdoor operations, keeping their hands warm while offering an additional layer of tactical protection. Additionally, shin guards and upper leg protection on the suit that are worn over a typical police uniform that also provides warmth for the user. 

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