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International Public Safety Association Conference

International Public Safety Association Conference

International Public Safety Association – Washington DC – November 2018


Hello Everyone!

Recently we attended the IPSA or International Public Safety Association annual conference in Washington DC last month and it was an amazing experience!

Most attendees were first responders (Police, EMT, Firefighters) and there were many seminars conducted that outlined best practices for traumatic scenarios.

Here is some quick info on the IPSA Group:

  • Established in July 2014 in the State of Arizona
  • Non-profit public safety association – represents all public safety verticals:
    • law enforcement
    • Fire service
    • EMS
    • Public works
    • Public health
    • Hospitals
    • Security
    • Emergency management
  • The Mission is to break down the cultural barriers and foster the relationships between EMS, fire, law enforcement, telecommunicators, allied emergency responders, and the communities they serve.

This event brought people from all over the globe to include visitors from the USA, Europe, Asia, and South America. It was wonderful to hear about the different tools and tactics used in the industry around the world.

Our table was getting a lot of attention as we debuted our Ballistic T-Shirt to the attendees. Everyone was very excited to see this product because it is strong enough to stop a .44 mag bullet but also very thin and lightweight, so much so that no one can tell you are wearing body armor.

Take a look at this product below:


Ballistic T-Shirt

  • Level III-A to protect up to .44mag
  • Ballistic panels (III-A)
  • approximately 5mm in thickness
  • Front & back protection.
  • Available in white & black

If you have any questions for us about this product please contact us!

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The next event for the IPSA is June 2019 in Mesa Arizona, read more about it here.

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