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Make Sure Your Canine Is Protected! Body Armor for Dogs.

Make Sure Your Canine Is Protected! Body Armor for Dogs.

Police dogs (K9’s) are brave companions that regularly and selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to protect their human officers and do what they cannot, such as use their sensitive noses to sniff out the trail of a fugitive or missing person, locate explosives, narcotics, and weapons, and take point to make sure an area is safe.

There are thousands of dollars’ worth of training invested in police dogs, but they are also caring and loyal animals that deserve our respect and protection. This is why we at ExecDefense believe a bulletproof vest for dogs is a worthwhile investment.

Keep reading to learn more about how body armor for dogs has a critical role in law enforcement, and can help save your K9 during dangerous and life-threatening situations.

Why is a Bulletproof Vest for Dogs Important?

These days, most departments around America are fortunate enough to have bullet-resistant vests, and ballistic helmets for their offices.  But unfortunately, many police dogs (K9’s) aren’t sufficiently protected with body armor.

There are many situations where police dogs will be in more danger than their human counterparts, as they are often sent in as scouts to ensure an area is safe. Unlike human officers, police dogs have only their teeth and claws as weapons. In situations with active shooters, officers have a lot of body armor, including bullet-resistant vests, ballistic helmets, ballistic shields. Why shouldn’t dogs be protected with K-9 body armor as well?

While they are capable fighters, they are no match for speeding bullets and are vulnerable to stabbing weapons. A lightweight dog protection vest can provide a high level of protection that will improve a trained police dog’s ability to bring down an attacker without suffering an injury.

Do Police Dogs Need a K9 Bulletproof Vest?

At ExecDefense, we believe that every police dog out in the field deserves to be protected like human officers. Police dogs often need to get up close and personal with an attacker to help make an area safe.

A trained dog won’t think twice about taking on an armed attacker with little regard for its own safety. This characteristic of police dogs sometimes makes them even more vulnerable to injury than human officers – all the reason why canine body armor is so important.

Police dogs perform valuable roles that often save lives and protect people from harm. A K9 bulletproof vest will more than pay for itself when you consider the amount of training that goes into creating a capable police dog that is an expert at its job. Not only is it the right thing to do, but body armor for dogs is a wise investment that will help more police dogs live to their retirement.

How Much Protection Does Body Armor for Dogs Provide?

In 2020, the lives of a staggering 22 canine officers were lost in the line of duty. A K-9 bulletproof vest can protect a dog from many harmful scenarios, including gunshots, explosives, stab wounds, kicks, punches, and blunt force trauma.

Even during riots or public disturbances, when officers are protected with riot gear – such riot helmets, riot suits, and riot shields – many support operations require canines, and it is important they can remain safe and protected with a strong resistant vest for dogs.

Selecting the Right Bulletproof Vest for A Dog

Canine (K9) bulletproof vests are available in a range of designs, materials, and levels of protection, such as NIJ level II and NIJ level III-A, but the vests must be lightweight, cool, and comfortable for the dog.

ExecDefense’s high-durability canine bullet-resistant vest is available in black, green, or tan, and comes in small, medium, or large. Customization is available to include velcro patches, permanent badges, or any other personalization required by you or your department / agency.

A huge advantage of ExecDefense’s bullet-resistant vest for dogs is how lightweight they are. Each vest must provide a high level of protection without impeding the dog’s agility. If a vest slows a dog down, it becomes vulnerable, making the vest a struggle for operations. This is why we use a very lightweight armoring technology in our K-9 vests to enables the dog’s full range of motion so they can do their job unhindered. This allows the canine to conduct its operations in a healthy, and effective way, with a minimal amount of exhaustion during working hours.

How to Buy A Bulletproof Vest for Your Canine (K-9) Dog?

Over the past year, demand has been very high for canine vests. Thankfully, ExecDefense manufactures K-9 body armor fast, and at an affordable price.

Please contact us, and one of our tactical specialists with years of experience will suggest the best type of vest for your trustworthy canine.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Act now and request a quotation – man’s best friend depends on it!

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