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EDI Wraps Up 2019 Strong Displaying at Record Number of Police Shows

EDI Wraps Up 2019 Strong Displaying at Record Number of Police Shows

With the launch of EDI’s new TURBO-X Riot Suit and several new Riot Helmets and Ballistic Helmets, EDI focused heavily during 2019 demonstrating our new police technologies to law enforcement around the United States. EDI’s team of sales and tactical experts traveled the United States to exhibit at several trade shows this year, demonstrating the latest anti-riot technologies to law enforcement officers across the USA.

Here are some of the tradeshows we hit this year, and industry insights we gleaned for police, law enforcement and corrections officers:

The EDI booth at this year’s IACP conference in Chicago, one of the most important industry events of the year.

Texas Tactical Police Officers Association Conference (Austin – March 2019)

We kicked off the 2019 trade show circuit in Austin, Texas, joining the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association (TTPOA) for their annual conference. The TTPOA conference gave us a chance to collaborate directly with police officers assigned to SWAT teams. We received feedback from officers in the field and identified areas where future EDI innovations could help address their needs. We also had the chance to demonstrate how EDI’s tactical gear can best assist tactical officers, tactical teams, and the operations they conduct.

EDI staff demonstrating the new Turbo-X riot suit and Protec-X riot helmet at the EDI-USA booth at the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) trade show in Orlando.

ILEETA Training Conference (St Louis – March 2019)

The International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association is a hub for those who offer specialized training on officer survival, use of force, defensive tactics, and use of firearms to law enforcement professionals. The officers at this conference were particularly interested in EDI’s innovative handcuff and leg restraint systems, as well as our duty apparel and tactical accessories.

Our EDI team, standing by to answer officers’ questions about our latest product lines, including  the TURBO-X Riot Suit and several new Riot Helmets and Ballistic Helmets

Ohio Tactical Officers Association Conference (Cleveland – April 2019)

The Ohio Tactical Officers Association (OTOA) celebrates the spirit of excellence exhibited by tactical police conducting tactical operations in the Midwest. EDI joined 1500+ conference attendees to peruse the latest in tactical gear. At this conference, EDI’s durable, lightweight duty batons were a big hit.

Displaying our ballistic helmets and riot shields at the IACP conference. A tactical operations team from a major city in California expressed particular interest in our MICH helmets.

American Correctional Association Expo (Boston – August 2019)

The American Correctional Association Expo gave EDI the chance to interface directly with corrections officers from across the United States. Having specialized in corrections operations across Central America for the past several years, the EDI team is excited to bring our expertise home to the United States. We were impressed by the hardworking spirit, sense of duty, and attention to detail of the serving men and women, who expressed particular interest in our transport legcuffs and our combination handcuff + legcuff prisoner transport systems.

Each EDI booth is a chance for field officers to come try on and get to know EDI’s products. It’s also a chance for them to tell us what their needs are, so EDI can develop innovative new solutions to meet their needs.

National Tactical Officers Association Conference (Orlando – August 2019)

This conference brings together the leading innovators and footsoldiers of tactical operations across the USA. Because of the need for lightweight, agile equipment that permits nimble movement, EDI’s tactical ballistic vests and FAST high-cut helmets were of particular interest to conference attendees.

Testing our Riot Shields with an officer at the IACP.

Tactical Operations Conference East (Washington DC – September 2019)

This conference gave EDI a chance to get to know police, corrections and law enforcement officials from up and down the Eastern Coast. As EDI is headquartered in Philadelphia, our team was particularly excited to speak with officers in our nearby Jersey, Delaware and Maryland neighborhood, not to mention our serving men and women from across Philadelphia. We also got a chance to see what other innovators and suppliers are doing in our area. At this conference, products of particular interest to officers included our gas masks, ballistic helmets, and ballistic vests.

EDI staff demonstrating the use of EDI’s line of specialized riot gear at the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) trade show in Orlando.

International Association of Chiefs of Police (Chicago – October 2019)

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference is one of the most important industry events of the year. Its forums shape the agenda in the field for the next year. Since the IACP conference attracts attendees from around the world, for EDI it’s always a busy week, since it’s a chance to catch up and collaborate with our partners and clients from across the USA and around the world. This year, the rise of protests around the world was a particular focus of discussion, and attention focused on EDI’s riot helmets, riot suits, riot shields, gas masks and tactical accessories to help protect serving men and women around the world.

Displaying our line of ballistic shields transparent riot shields at the IACP conference. A team of tactical officers from Texas couldn’t keep their hands off the shields!

Our Upcoming Trade Shows in 2020

While EDI had a busy year on the USA trade show circuit in 2019, we’re just getting started. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Shot Show in Las Vegas in January 2020!